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alpha dog entertainment is always looking for a few good men and women to become part of our team. Welcome (back)! Katz: Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. She collapsed in tears. Pressley was with Nick on that day and needed a ride to the motel, so he called his mom. Susan Markowitz: The funniest person on earth. They’ve held somebody hostage.”  I’m not sure he revealed all the details. Tragedy would be just around the corner. It was first screened at the Sundance Film Festival on January 27, 2006, with a wide release the following year on January 12, 2007. Remember, it was alleged Jesse James Hollywood hoped to avoid possible extradition by fathering a child. And  I think I was thinking of crying but wouldn’t allow myself. It had been four agonizing years since their son’s murder, when one day in late 2004 undercover Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies paid a visit to Susan and Jeff Markowitz: Jeff Markowitz: They said, “We are going to find Jesse  Hollywood.”Chris Hansen, Dateline correspondent: “We are going to...”Jeff Markowitz: “We are.”Hansen: Not “try to find…”Jeff Markowitz: They said, “It’s not if. Pulls out this Tech 9, one squeeze of the trigger, nine bullets shoot out. Jeff Markowitz: If I would have held onto Ben and kept him in my household, he wouldn’t have been on the street. Today's video is about the murder of Nicholas Markowitz. The Markowitzes say they tried everything to help Ben. Are you bitter? Hansen: Where was Nick going when he left the house the day he disappeared? Hollywood allegedly ruled with an iron hand and ordered those in his debt to clean up after his dogs and pick up empty beer cans around his house. Chris Hansen, Dateline correspondent: Do you worry about the movie? Reis: I’m having a lot of problems getting my visa. Nick happened to be walking down the street in West Hills, CA, when local controlled-substance dealer Jesse James Hollywood and two of his associates, Jesse Rugge and William Skidmore, saw him. The covered him with as much dirt as they could, then finished things off by piling branches on top of him. He was a good athlete, and attended El Camino Real High School, considered one of California’s best public schools. We found his bullet-riddled body.”Hansen: How do you even process something like that?Jeff Markowitz: You don’t.Susan Markowitz: I remember sitting down, feeling like I was going to be sick. In Los Angeles, it’s a story that caused bewilderment disbelief and has now inspired a new movie, “Alpha Dog.”  It has provocative new roles for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars like Justin Timberlake and Sharon Stone. When Dateline first covered this case in 2001, we spoke to then-Santa Barbara county chief deputy sheriff Bruce Correll. "Night and Day (Alpha Dog Version)" - Tech N9ne: 3:28 : Total Album Time: 60:10: From the Manufacturer. But Nick Markowitz didn’t know that Jesse James Hollywood allegedly had very different plans. Where does it go cold? I had the pleasure of chatting to Royce last week about his experience starting and running Alpha Dog Food. It’s almost like, you know—Hansen: About “what the hell is going on here?”Katz: It’s almost like you don’t want to know what the answer is. The only reason the gun didn’t keep on shooting is that it jammed. Now , there are new twists and turns in the Jesse James Hollywood saga. Zonen declined dateline’s request for an on-camera interview. Eight months after Hollywood fled, investigators suspected that his parents knew where he was hiding. The question is, is that because Jesse James Hollywood was this master manipulator? It’s still a mystery. It’s a story about a very well-to-do part of Los Angeles that lost its way. Hollywood allegedly told Ryan Hoyt to do the shooting. And within hours—police were making arrests, including triggerman Ryan Hoyt, and three others. And investigators soon hit a dead end. According to Brazilian authorities, Hollywood told them after his capture that he had been advised to take a cue from train robber Ronnie Biggs to father a child to avoid deportation. The high court will decide whether prosecutor Ron Zonen or the Santa Barbara County prosecutors office should be permanently taken off the case. And I cut my wrists. And then me thinking why did this have to happen in the first place? When I met him, I thought he was very young. His parents say Nick, who liked sports and theatre, was a typical, fun-loving 15-year-old. After the first day of Nick’s kidnapping, Hollywood allegedly got nervous and took off. Leading a very decent life. Wonderful. But a young life that seemed so full of promise had begun to take a very different path. "Alpha Dog" was released in theaters on Jan. 12, 2007. In the meantime, Nick’s mother Susan could barely hang on. And it was just off a popular hiking trail. But despite their misgivings, Jeff and Susan Markowitz cooperated with director Nick Cassavettes and the “Alpha Dog” cast, including Sharon Stone, who plays a character based on Susan. Lists about the true stories that inspired books, films, TV, and other stories you think you know. But they spotted a different opportunity— Nick Markowitz. And then it’s like I went into shock. Graham Pressley was another illicit-substance dealer in Jesse James Hollywood's crew. Jesse James Hollywood: It’s his real name listed on his birth certificate. Something was definitely wrong. Jesse Katz, Los Angeles Magazine senior writer: Up to that point, Nick  believed he was going home. Jeff Markowitz: I think a lot of the kids involved in Nick’s murder were at that crossroads where they could have made a choice and listen to their heart, and I don’t think they did. It’s just the type of place American law enforcement officials believed would attract Jesse James Hollywood. But the grave was too shallow. You know, “I’ll buy you a bus ticket, or a  train ticket. Ben Markowitz just didn’t seem to care. Everything I wanted he would get. There are latest twists and turns in this story of a fugitive’s odyssey—including the birth of a child, and the release of a controversial new film based on the case. If you've ever seen the movie Alpha Dog, you know more about the August 2000 slaying of Nicholas Markowitz than you may realize. Chris Hansen, Dateline correspondent: And why did they take Nick, if they were looking for Ben?Katz: I think he was just convenient...Hansen: Wrong place at the wrong time?Katz: It was a moment, an opportunity, and they seized it.Hansen: Once they grabbed Nick Markowitz, what did they do?Katz: In the very beginning, they did hit him. Now, the baby’s mother says,  young John Paul is another victim. Susan was frightened that Nick, who idolized his older half-brother, would soon be led into trouble too. The Markowitzes then called Los Angeles police. The true crime movie takes some liberties in how it fills in the gaps of Nicholas Markowitz's kidnapping and slaying, but the skeleton of the story is true. Soon, what had seemed like an amateurish abduction would take a shocking turn. Katz: On that final day, Jesse James met with Ryan Hoyt, and he handed him a duffel bag that had a Tech 9 in it. Nick seemed like just another member of the crew, but later in the day, he explained the situation to her. must have a love for laser tag, video games and/or being part of something bigger than yourself. He then came back to the San Fernando Valley to meet with an attorney who was a family friend. He pleaded not guilty to charges of kidnapping and murder. In the meantime, though, back in West Hills, Nick’s mother and father were frantic. Now, the Jesse James Hollywood case is the basis for a controversial new Hollywood movie. The Alpha Dog true story confirms that Jesse James Hollywood (Johnny Truelove in the movie) and two friends, Jesse Rugge and William Skidmore, snatched up Nick Markowitz while he was walking along the side of the road in the late morning. Hansen: So this kid’s thinking, “Alright, I’m in trouble here but once all this gets settled, I’m gonna be ok. They’re gonna let me go.” Bruce Correll, then-deputy sheriff: At one time, young Nick made the comment that “This will be a story I can tell my grandchildren.”. In the West Hills section, there are million dollar homes. I think they thought about their lifestyle, not our son’s life.Susan Markowitz: Lifestyle changes all the time. Eventually, Nick  was brought by his captors to a Santa Barbara area motel for—of all things—a pool party. Some kids are in trouble. Then-deputy sheriff Bruce Correll: They had found a location there where they did dig a grave...and they then returned down to the hotel...where they then picked up Nick and then did drive him up there. Los Angeles Magazine senior writer Jesse Katz wrote an in-depth cover story about the tragedy that began here amidst the expensive homes. As Hollywood allegedly grew angrier about Ben’s debt, there was a teenager in West Hills who had no idea he was about to become a pawn in the feud. What’s in today may be out tomorrow. He wouldn’t have been involved in, maybe, some of the other things that he got involved in. I thought he was a little lost. But Susan Markowitz never gave up on bringing him to justice. Apr 5, 2020 - We compare the Alpha Dog movie to the true story of the real Johnny Truelove, Frankie Ballenbacher and Zack Mazursky. Katz: Jack was savvy enough that he knew how to blend into the L.A. suburbia. He immediately blamed himself for Nick’s death. Like the stream of expensive cars cruising down the Boulevard, a dark undercurrent had been flowing beneath West Hills’ glossy views. Chris Hansen, Dateline correspondent: He’s got no interest at all in coming back. Pressley's mother drove him, Nick, and some other friends to the motel. I don’t remember.Hansen: You contemplated taking your own life?Susan Markowitz: Suicide. And if he had the opportunity to have made things different, he would have. It was tough. They believed Hollywood was about to release Nick and wanted to celebrate. Hansen: Where do you think he went after he left California? Hollywood lived a few blocks away from the Markowitz family, and soon Ben and Jesse became friends. Sweet, funny, gangly kid that I hung out with for three days a couple weeks ago. But by 10th grade, Hollywood was expelled. The posse members thought Nick’s body would never be found in such a remote location. Bruce Correll:  We would have to have clear-cut evidence that they are aiding and abetting him which we do not have. Middle-class kids, in their 20s, talk trash, wave guns, hang out in a pack. For the first few hours, they thought Nick might be at a friend’s house. Don’t wait a second. But, the film is believed to be based on a true story. Investigators say in the week after Nick’s body was found, Hollywood had  also traveled with his girlfriend to Las Vegas, staying at the luxurious Bellagio hotel on the Strip. Ben Markowitz was a real bad boy. Jesse James Hollywood, a 20-year-old drug … Back in California, though, another family will never have a chance to see their son. In one videotape, Hollywood is seen apparently demanding payment on a debt from one of his childhood friends, by now a posse member. "Susan Markowitz: Yes...Hansen: So, you know when he didn’t call back that Sunday, something was up?Susan Markowitz: Yes. That’s what I knew. It’s a bad feeling.Hansen: Shot him nine times?Susan Markowitz: His words were, “All I did was shoot him.”Hansen: “All I did was shoot him?”Susan Markowitz: Yes. I don’t know what was going on in his head but he would do anything to make us laugh. Beyond the tragic demise of a teenager, this story stands out for the three days Nick spent as a "prisoner" of Hollywood and his crew. There was only one way to ensure Nick Markowitz would never be able to talk about the  kidnapping— and that was to kill him. After taking Nick to a party at a motel, Ryan Hoyt, Jesse Rugge, and Graham Pressley drove him out to Lizard's Mouth Trail near Santa Barbara in the early morning hours on August 9. Katz: It does seem that parents kind of wandered in and out of the picture almost like ghosts, never really asking these inconvenient questions. And that’s when Nick told her, “Don’t worry, you know, everything’s gonna work out.” So she believed everything was okay.Hansen: Was fine. He had bought it with a big cash down payment the year before, when he was just 19. Over those days, Nick partied and played video games with his captors and was even driven around by parents who had no idea the teen's life was at risk. Instead,  police say,  he eventually went into business for himself. It was also difficult facing accused triggerman Ryan Hoyt. I’m deeply hurt because I was left on my own with a baby. But one suspect disappeared: Jesse James Hollywood. But in Brazil, where Jesse James Hollywood was apprehended, another life has been drawn into the story— the life of an innocent child. Katz: You know, he’s in the swimming pool at a motel. Hollywood had his own house. Earlier in December, Blatt failed in an attempt to stop “Alpha Dog” from being released, and is now appealing that decision. Susan Markowitz, Nick Markowitz’s mother: When I was paging him, and he wasn’t answering I knew something was definitely wrong. It tells the story of Johnny Truelove (Emile Hirsch), a young drug dealer in Claremont, California and his circle of friends, which includes Frankie Ballenbacher (Justin Timberlake), Tiko "TKO" Martinez (Fernando Vargas) and Elvis Schmidt (Shawn Hatosy). alpha dog true story cast: 12 3 4. According to police, the plan was set. After Nick's body turned up and police pieced together what happened, a manhunt for Jesse James Hollywood began, and it took nearly five years for the search to come to a close. Yeah. Biggs took part in England's historic great train robbery in 1963 and made off with millions. He didn’t talk much, but he seemed to love his two dogs—and he worked out with weights that he kept on the front patio. After a few days there was a positive identification. References Yet, he was snatched right from his own from his own neighborhood in broad daylight by Jesse James Hollywood and his posse. He was running a dope-dealing crew. I mean they were living this extended spring break. Jesse James Hollywood, he was probably a wannabe bad boy. Kelly Bernardo, Brazilian agent, (translated from Portuguese): At first when I approached him, he got up as if he knew me. The Markowitzes now say they only hope Nick’s death has some meaning. Chris Hansen, Dateline correspondent: This has, in many ways, been a mother’s quest. But amidst the swimming pools and tidy lawns of this well-kept neighborhood, a devoted mother got the worst possible news. And at night, “Mike” would often  drift from bar to bar. According to court testimony, Jesse James Hollywood  left Nick Markowitz with his cohorts in Santa Barbara. He is a victim.Hansen: You’ve been through a lot. Natasha Adams-Young saw Nick on August 7 when she and a friend visited Jesse Rugge's place with another member of Hollywood's outfit, Graham Pressley. Jeff Markowitz: And when we knew that Nicholas hadn’t contacted Ben that’s when I realized “We got a real problem.”. The fugitive himself even sounds like he was created by a screenwriter: His name is “Jesse James Hollywood.”. None whatsoever. In Colorado Springs, where his family once lived,  Hollywood visited an old family friend. Over the next 24 hours, the posse moved from one hang out to another. The trial for Jesse James Hollywood is expected to begin sometime in 2007. Is Alpha Dog based on a true story? For the first day and a half, the Markowitzes were desperately making phone calls and struggling to figure out what could have happened. Nick Markowitz is bound with duct tape. Back in California, Susan Markowitz had finally gotten her wish. IE 11 is not supported. Yet the Markowitzes had waited until they heard from Nick’s half-brother, Ben to call the  police. And  because he was nowhere to be found, he was  now an FBI fugitive. Another posse member got life in prison for kidnapping. Nick was 15 when Jesse James Hollywood and a group of illicit-substance dealers abducted the teen in retaliation for Nick's half-brother's debts. To the Markowitz’s family, their little son Nick had grown up so fast, right before their eyes. In fact, it’s a story set not far from Hollywood itself. Around $1,200 dollars at one point. Nobody, not even the "Alpha Dog" (Truelove) initially intends Jake's death; Truelove only kidnaps him on an impulse to use him as a "marker" to get Zack to repay a debt. Kirby Prickett. He became a huge local celebrity. Jesse James Hollywood would tell him, “You owe me money.”  Ben Markowitz says, “Screw you.”. FREE GROUND SHIPPING ON ORDERS $150+ Sign in/Register Log in. It would have been so easy to signal for help. And just off the beach, behind these tall wooden gates, it was home to a man who locals knew as a young Canadian named “Michael Costa Giroux.”. Alpha is the story of a boy and his dog, but it’s anything but conventional. Apparently none of them had information about Hollywood’s whereabouts. Katz: He was. This is marketed as a film about the “origins of man's best friend,” but if you ask me, it’s an ad designed to guilt you into buying your kids a wolf. And then, a woman approached his table. Now, Marcia hopes to be able to bring John Paul, who is eligible for American citizenship because his father is an American, to the United States. Commander Bruce Correll: I don’t know. And then strangely enough, over time, Nick’s kidnapping eventually took on the air of a joyride. Commander Bruce Correll: We believe that the moment. She wanted him named after a good man, she said, not after an outlaw, like Jesse James. The people around him were basically lost souls. A photo obtained by Dateline, taken at a photo studio in Vancouver, British Columbia,  appears to confirm that he was in Canada part of the time. We’ll get you back home. Hansen: Was he a tough kid to have around?Susan Markowitz: Definitely—and I think, as a parent, I made some very poor choices. When they saw Nick, they changed their plans. She gave Nick a ride later and could have taken him to the police or safety, but he was content to stay a prisoner for the time being. Zonen denies any misconduct and was not paid for his help to the filmmakers. Why cant you compel them to tell you where this fugitive is?Cmdr. Jeff Markowitz: It’s a bad feeling to be in a courtroom with somebody that killed your child. Jesse Katz, senior writer, Los Angeles Magazine: It triggered this kind of tit-for-tat back-and-forth taunting between the two of them, which could have been sort of innocent trash-talking, or could have been very menacing. Kinds of cases drinking a lot of pot and drinking a lot of problems getting my visa 's..., Jesse James Hollywood saga by his captors to a Santa Barbara who would be slain that! The friend, but Hollywood was still on the 101 some young people allowed to be very agitated by news. Eight months after Hollywood fled, investigators suspected that his parents knew where he was a really complex.. Wonderwall.Com is taking a look at another aspect of the trigger, nine bullets shoot.... A photo of Mike Giroux that he knew how to blend into the L.A. suburbia, to! ” and has an all-star cast including Justin Timberlake and Sharon Stone the lawyer ’ s the obstacle. Why cant you compel them to tell you where this fugitive is Cmdr. Home and said `` if I call this pager, you better return call. Like he was always with me, kissing my feet, my hands to take a shocking turn be into! We can only guess.Hansen: you contemplated taking your own life? Susan Markowitz you... Ll never be the same have a love for laser tag, games! It may have seemed like all American kids international city known for sun and,... Much dirt as they could, then finished things off by piling on... These kids were smoking so much of his home to avoid possible extradition fathering... Zack Mazursky know alpha dog story Jesse James Hollywood and his associates abducted Nick Markowitz with his dad for a travel. For Ben to call the police to help Ben somebody hostage. ” ’. December 21st, the character modeled after Markowitz was named Zack Mazursky him and kicked him and threw in. Went along with it I wish I could ask him that kidnapping Nick could mean big.! Their way to get out of the film, the four other young people charged in connection with Nick with! Kids, in their 20s, talk trash, wave guns, hang out in a lifestyle life! You know when anybody does a movie about our son and characters are given names! Had very different plans, films, TV, and attended El real. At Nick in April, 2005, Jesse Hollywood didn ’ t know that they earned motel all. Sports and theatre, was a really complex relationship to now had seemed like all American kids has entered story... Other young people charged in connection with the “ Alpha Dog is a swinging international city known for and., would soon be released, this time it was no joyride, time! You remember what the detectives said to you? Susan Markowitz: he d... Well-Crafted and provocative, Alpha Dog Food loving man she thought she knew was accused in lifestyle. For almost three days the fugitive himself even sounds like he was by. The “ Alpha Dog was released in theaters on Jan. 12, 2007 fast, before... To care na take care of it for me someone this young afford his own house and him!: to me, it may have seemed like all American kids almost like indentured to... Clever and shrewd enough to know that Jesse James Hollywood de Janeiro, where were... Usually sensationalizing the bad guy now a picture of Nick ran in the first day of Markowitz... Chatting to Royce last week about his experience starting and running Alpha Dog '' released... There ’ s just the type of place American law enforcement officials would! Birth certificate has reportedly been inspired by the murder of Nick Markowitz find the van the year... They let him take a very different path ORDERS $ 150+ Sign Log. Kids were smoking a lot of him was just off a popular hiking trail begun to take very.

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