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He tries to explain to her that she stole the one thing that could kill the Mikaelsons and she's bargaining her own life as well, since others could come after the weapon. Lafayette Cemetery No. Mystic Falls, VA. What year span were the Originals born? We accept Original OC'S and also looking for Canons. Angels are commonly depicted in cemeteries, as protectors or as escorts to Heaven. Lafayette Cemetery #1 is located in the Garden District neighborhood of New Orleans, approximately 10-15 min south by car from the French Quarter (, Many visitors to New Orleans will elect to, Also, do note that several bus companies also visit the Lafayette Cemetery and the Garden District. Elijah arrived shortly afterward and mentioned that he had a theory that Celeste was working against the coven's interests and would ultimately jump into a new body and flee with the power of the Harvest. You are now on the Sixth Street or “uptown” side of the cemetery. In the center of the Garden District you will find one of New Orleans most visited cemeteries, Lafayette Cemetery No. Keep going till you see an open tomb. Lafayette Cemetery No.1: Originals uses this location to film - See 2,853 traveler reviews, 1,324 candid photos, and great deals for New Orleans, LA, at Tripadvisor. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the cemetery, the witch Sabine cast her own spell to hijack the power of the Harvest and use it to increase her own power so she could resurrect three other deceased witches: their former leader, Bastianna, who died during the first attempt at the Harvest; Papa Tunde, a witch who was killed by Klaus in 1919; and Genevieve, a witch who was killed by Rebekah in 1919. Hayley does, but Davina later attends the consecration of witnesses who belonged to The Ninth Ward Coven who witnessed Hayley killing Kara Nguyen. This classic symbol represents the passage of time and the shortness of life. The Vampire Diaries Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. However, before she died, she cast a spell on the cemetery that created a boundary around it, trapping Elijah with Rebekah and Klaus, the latter of whom had the White Oak Stake with the intention of killing Rebekah with it for her betrayal. You can also take our GPS-enabled audio tour anytime the cemetery is open. Many notable spells by New Orleans witches have been performed at this location, including the Harvest ritual the coven performs in order to maintain the magical connection to their ancestors. The most famous residents are Judge Ferguson of the Plessy vs. Ferguson “separate-but-equal” case. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); In You Hung the Moon, Hayley is drawn to the Dubois tomb by Davina's magic who wants the hybrid to kill a rogue witch in exchange for lifting The Crescent Curse. This post is a guide to Lafayette Cemetery #1 in New Orleans’ Garden District, including tips on how to get here, a self-guided tour, as well a brief history. I actually took this Lafayette cemetery tour because of the CW tv series The Originals.Since Lafayette Cemetery No.1 is a central location in the series, I wanted to see what it looked like in real life. However, when he tried to attack her, the werewolves who were under her control surrounded him, and since Klaus didn't want to kill any of the wolves he hoped to someday lead himself, he left without any further physical altercations. A tour of the cemetery where the witches of The Originals practice magic? It is associated with Chronos, the ancient Greek personification of time. Most recently scenes from The Originals on the CW Network, and NCIS: New Orleans have been filmed inside. Lafayette Cemetery No. Straight ahead, you will see a small open space. This is the tomb with the most names on it in Lafayette Cemetery #1. It is either always full of witches casting spells or the set for secret meetings. Discover Lafayette Cemetery in New Orleans, Louisiana: This historic "City of the Dead" lies prominently in the center of New Orleans' famous Garden District. In their flashbacks to 1919, Papa Tunde arrived in New Orleans and met with the French Quarter Coven, including Genevieve and Clara Summerlin (who was Celeste's vessel at the time), at Lafayette Cemetery to discuss an alliance. Where it is: Location: The cemetery is located at 1416-1498 Washington Avenue in New Orleans, Louisiana. Sophie later arrived at the cemetery after being called by Celeste, and she broke down in tears after she saw her niece Monique alive after a year of being in limbo inside one of the tombs. When a family member dies, the funeral director has the tomb opened and the remains of the previous occupant are removed, bagged, and placed in the chamber underneath. However, the spell Monique cast for Elijah forced Celeste's spirit back into her old body, which was interred in a different tomb in the cemetery. These interesting markers are all over the cemetery. Lafayette Cemetery #1: Many Scenes Throughout Series. Klaus and Elijah arrived at the cemetery shortly after they figured out what the witches were planning following Hayley's death at their hands, but they were unable to find her due to an illusion spell cast by the witches that made the cemetery seem as though it was endless. There is an iron vessel with a flame on it in the gate around the tomb. The urn, a repository for ashes of the deceased since ancient times, has been used as a symbol of the death of the earthly body and its eventual return to dust. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Many visitors to New Orleans will elect to take the St. Charles Streetcar from Canal Street in the Quarter to the Garden District and the streetcar stop is just a 3-minute walk to the entrance of the cemetery. It is among the city’s earliest and most significant above-ground burial sites. It first aired on the CW Network on Thursday, April 25th, 2013. There once was a wall of burial chambers on this side like the ones on the Washington Avenue side, but they were demolished in 1929. Highlights of the cemetery include decorative ironwork, funerary symbols, poetic epithets. You will see a gated tomb on your left. Lafayette Cemetery There was an altar formed with a stone table and lit torches lining an aisle as Genevieve walked down between the rows of tomb, hiding a nervous expression. She believes every day is a good day if she gets to impart her love of her beloved New Orleans with Free Tours By Foot guests. It was told that it was sacred grounds and needs an invitation to come inside. Now, walk across the aisle, along the right side of the tomb with the iron fence (Toledano). He also served on the original Cemetery Board of Directors. After the meeting ended with a furious Klaus storming away, Elijah assured the witches that he would make things right, but Sophie vowed that if Klaus didn't agree to help them by midnight that night, she would kill herself, and through their link, Hayley and the baby as well.

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