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Will not pack into small cavities or recesses. Popular . Dialux is the premium polishing compound and a firm favourite for all those looking for a superior finish to their metal work. Bobbing compound is used on brushes or lap work as it adheres well to these surfaces. Renegade Products Big Rig & Semi Truck Metal Polishing Complete Kit with Buffing Wheels, Buffing … To serve the medical and dental industries requirements, our compounds are all available in bovine free grades. Sold by GrowKart. Red Rouge Polishing Compound Powder for Brass Shell Casings, Jewelry, Rocks. All buffing compounds are comprised of abrasive particles and a binding agent. Shop metal polish and a variety of cleaning supplies products online at These abrasives are often pigments as well causing the bar color to take on the appearance of the abrasive. Sattex is a leading manufacturer of buffing and polishing compounds used in many industries for a variety of applications. These compounds are used by manufacturers throughout the world to finish metals, precious metals, plastic, acrylic, wood and fiberglass. Works great on vintage British motorcycle alloy exterior engine parts and brake plates. Green Rouge Polishing Compound Buffing Large 2 Pound Brick Made In The USA. Find metal polish at Lowe's today. Smooth and polish metal, plastic and other materials with this heavy duty 1/2 HP buffer. Matchless' line up of cut, color, and cut/color polishing compound formulations is second to none; over the years we have developed and refined thousands of bar and liquid formulations. Compound Type. Since 1938, Formax has been a leading manufacturer of superior-grade buffing & polishing compounds, buffing wheels, accessories and more. Sold by GrowKart. 2-1/4 lb bars. Order Code: PC-YELLOW Item Number: #214-054 Best selling polishing compound for acrylics. © 2020 All rights reserved, Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions Legal Information. See our polishing compound and jewelers rouge chart. Some pieces may only require final finishing (Step 3). We offer two final finishing compounds—blue rouge and the purple polishing compound. 99. Powered by Shopify. We recommend starting with 180 grit for most wheels and stepping forward to 220 grit, and finishing with 400 grit sanding disks. Avon Enterprises is a reliable Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Metal Polishing Compound Bars, Buffing Wheels, Green Composition Metal Polishing Bars, White Composition Metal Polishing Bars, Black Composition Metal Polishing Bars, Red Composition Metal Polishing Bars and Pink Wax. © 2021 Maverick Abrasives. Keep in mind many of our polishers are quite happy with the two-step process outlined above and leave show polishes only to their most cherished pieces. A very dry grade intended for buffing small work to a high luster. Buffing compounds are used with buffing and polishing wheels to increase the effectiveness of the wheel and to help you accomplish your tasks more quickly. each. It is not used on stainless for polishing. Choose the most applicable buffing compound depending on the work surface material to be polished. These small Metal polishing compound bars are 4″ x 1″ in size and are perfect for all metal and plastic polishing. White Diamond Rouge Aluminum Buffing Compound. Tripoli compounds such as our T-88 Tripoli should be used for initial cutting and buffing, with the aim of removing more apparent scratches and blemishes during metal restoration on aluminum. Since 1885, The Matchless Metal Polish Company has been serving the needs of manufacturers for surface finishing supplies and services, including custom buffing compounds, buffing wheels and cleaners and chemical treatments. Polishing compound is used to smooth and shine surfaces such as metal, plastic and wood. Steel / Stainless Steel As every customer's needs are different, our compounds … Product Title Turtle Wax Renew Rx Polishing Compound Light To Medi ... Average rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars, based on 32 reviews 32 ratings. For cast alloy, billet alloy and extrusion we’ve found the same result, Bull Bars, Nudge bars and racks again a great result and no fine white streaking or haze you get with other compounds….try it for yourself and and be in awe of the results. Rosenthal Collection Blue Picasso Rouge Polishing Compound 5oz Jewelry Buffing Gold Silver Bar for a Maximum Luster Finish (Pack of 3) Small Metal polishing and finishing compound bars, ideal for samples, hobbyists, students or small DIY jobs. Manufacturer of Metal Polishing Compound Bars - Prime Green Metal Polishing Compound, Prime Pink Metal Polishing Compound, Prime Black Metal Polishing Compound and PRIME Red Rouge Polishing Bar offered by G.R. Product Title Mothers Mag & Aluminum Metal Polish, 5 oz. $84.11 $75.05. Glanzmax is an all-new professional solid bar buffing compound by Jescar. These time tested and more popular compounds are grouped below by category. These compound bars / soap can be used with a range of mops to create a mirror or reflective finish on hard materials. Polishing & Finishing, Select below from our great range of Pro-Max metal polishing compounds ideal for use on aluminium, alloy, brass, copper, steel, stainless steel, chrome and precious metals including gold and silver. We offer different sizes of Menzerna polishing bars that can be used for all types of metals, as well as a lacquers, resins, plastics, horn and wood. Polishing Compounds. Start with the coarsest applicable compound. $92.99. Murti Enterprises, Delhi. Black Magic SS-11 Blue Rouge SS-800 Green … It is paired with our yellow airway buffing wheel. POL-515-6127. The color of the polishing compound is almost always a byproduct of the natural abrasive ingredients. 1-1/8 lb bars. Our metal polishing compounds are used with our Airway Buffing Wheels to increase the effectiveness of the wheel while being used during the cutting, buffing, and polishing process. Black Magic SS-11 Blue Rouge SS-800 Green Rouge G-16 Stainless SS-77 Tripoli T-88 White Rouge SS-300 Yellow Deluxe SS-617. Some are rougher and allow you to quickly remove scratches from various metal surfaces, and others … In operation since 1885, The Matchless Metal Polish Company has been able to develop proven formulations to serve our customers' requirements. $19.49. Specially recommended for metals and it works clean and dry. The company was established in the year 1974 in Delhi. NOTE: Condition of the work piece dictates the steps necessary. White “Diamond” Rouge Polishing Compound is one of the most common polishing compounds for achieving very high luster finish on metal surfaces. No waxy residue. Apply polishing compound sparingly to the face of a revolving buffing wheel. Current Price $5.99 $ 5. Rouges & Jewelry Dialux CUTTING - POLISHING & FINISHING COMPOUNDS JETS Product # 1614-990 Made by Lippert/Unipol RED "ROUGE DE PARIS" - Used for Super Finishing yellow color metals, especially Gold. They are generally made to be used with cloth and sisal combination buffs, or with mill treat bias airway buffs. Use the tripoli (brown) buffing compound to remove surface imperfections on brass, aluminum, pewter and other non-ferrous metals Use the emery (black) buffing compound in coarse buffing to remove scratches, rust and corrosion Also use the emery (black) buffing compound to de-burr stainless steel and other hard metals Used for fast cutting on iron and steel. Order Code: PC-WHITE Item Number: #214-053 Quantity: 1 Bar (~ 1 LB) White / High-Shine - Delivers high gloss with slight amount of cut. Start with the more aggressive wheels and compounds for step one, then move to step 2 and the final polish of step 3. Our buffing and polishing compounds are manufactured from high quality ingredients, designed for the industrial plater/polisher to obtain fast exceptional quality finishes. Crocus compound. Product Overview. Small Metal Polishing Compound Bars 4×1″ – All Materials. Some of the more popular compounds are: Indicates this item is a Matchless customer favorite, A unit of JASON, Incorporated. $81.84 $73.03. YELLOW "JAUNE" - Bright Shine, buffing compound for Brass, Copper, Bronze, Soft Metals (Note: The Yellow Dialux Bar color is actually a BROWN tone, the name & label is Yellow) Our G-16 Green rouge is often used as the second step in polishing aluminum. We’ve used our over four decades of polishing experience to develop a unique and high quality line of solid compounds used by professionals and high end technicians alike. 1/4 Lb. $14.89. It is not used on stainless for polishing. Our Maverick Metal Polishing Compounds What are metal polishing compound bars ? The White Rouge, also known as the “white diamond bar” is a wet, finishing compound designed to leave a finer polish than many of its compound counterparts. A-14 Compound is desired, re-buff using A-15. | Sales:714-646-3299 •8 CS:714-854-9531 | Free Shipping over $200, Collections: Buffing wheel Polishing compound is typically sold in bar form and ranges from fine to coarse, much like sandpaper. Average rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars, based on 26 reviews 26 ratings. 3 lb. Polishing Compounds, Category: They should be applied to airway buffing wheels by coating the edges of the airway buffs like below: Prepping is almost entirely all about sanding. Polishing & Finishing, $74.99. The names buffing compound and polishing compound are used interchangeably and refer to fine abrasive fillers combined with greases which are formed into solid bars or liquid.Jewelers Rouge (also known as polishing rouge or jewellers rouge) is a very fine compound originally developed by the jewelry trade for buffing precious metals. A buffing compound and polishing compound from Grainger help you create a smooth, desirable finish on metal, fiberglass, gelcoat and other painted or unpainted automotive, marine and piecework surfaces. (3) $12.97. SSX compound achieves a high-polish finish on copper, brass, stainless steel, and steel. For cutting or abrasive action. Greaseless. WHITE LUSTER BUFFING COMPOUND METAL POLISHING ROUGE JEWELERS POLISH 2 LARGE BARS. The large bars are 1.25" x 1.25" x 6" and weigh approx. Matchless' line up of cut, color, and cut/color polishing compound formulations is second to none; over the years we have developed and refined thousands of bar and liquid formulations. They come in all different types and colors, each uniquely suited to a different aspect of the buffing, cutting, and polishing process. To serve the medical and dental industries requirements, our compounds are all available in bovine free grades. Pro-Max Metal Polishing Compounds. Polishing Bar - Aluminum - High Luster - 1-1/4 Lb. If the metal is in a poor condition then abrasives will be needed. 5" 7" Car Polisher Buffer Waxer Buffing Sponge Pad Polish Kit Polishing Machine. Free shipping. Tripoli powder, pictured below for example, is an abrasive product that along with the other formula's ingredients allows the buffing wheel to polish a metal surface. By varying these components, and selectively adding agents to aid in lubricity, color clean-up and shelf life, all manner of manufactured products can be finished. The Jumbo bars are approximately 2" x 2" x 8" & weigh approx. ZAM metal polish stick. Over the decades, we have developed many grades and styles of compounds and wheels that have become standards in the finishing industry. Repeat application of compound as needed during the buffing and polishing operations. (Bar color: Gray) 515-6144 #37 “EXTRA FAST CUT” STAINLESS STEEL COMPOUND … Plastic & Acrylic If a brighter finish than No. leaves metal scratch free but dull in appearance. Use with loose-leaf buff. Mr. Saurabh Tayal is the owner of the company. These metal polishing and buffing compound kits can be used in conjunction with our wide range of Pro-Max metal polishing and buffing wheels. Free shipping . 2019 Combat Abrasives Free shipping . In situations where similar in color appearances have substantially different abrasive qualities, many manufactures (ourselves included) can add separate pigment or dye to help differentiate the products. The Polishing Shop has a wide selection of polishing compounds, suitable for all metals, plastics, woods, horn and lacquers. Here is a handy reference chart for what wheel and compound to … Some are of a coarser consistency and are usually used to remove scratches while the others are finer, which lends to them being used to shine and finish your work. This compound also minimizes the appearance of scratches … Pro-Max metal polishing compounds are available in convenient 100g, 500g and 750g bars and are designed for use with the Pro-Max range of metal polishing mops and … Jewelers rouge and buffing and polishing compounds can be used to smooth and/or shine metals, plastic, wood, and other materials. Thats where experience of polishing comes in, looking at then metal and knowing what process you need to start at. This should produce a fantastic clean shine. These compounds are used by manufacturers throughout the world to finish metals, precious metals, plastic, acrylic, wood and fiberglass. Infinity Green is a superb finishing compound with a unique lubricated action that will bring your Stainless to a level of shine, you never thought possible. Metal Polishing Compound Bars. It is the first step on on polishing aluminum and is paired with our orange airway buffing wheels. CBBSS11BM-MBAR. These compounds are typically made with aluminum oxides, alumina and rouges to achieve the desired cut, color or combination of the two. Algrium 12 oz. Most polishing, for aluminum, can be polished well after prepping with 400 grit—finer grits are not usually necessary before polishing with tripoli compound. Both represent a show finish and we recommend that you pair either one of these final show finishing compounds with a white flannel buffing wheel. Our Maverick polishing compounds are used with our Airway buffing wheels to increase the effectiveness of the wheel while being used during the cutting, buffing, and polishing process when working on, or restoring a shine to various metal. Choose from a range of colors including brown, green, orange, red, white, black and yellow. This Great Quality 3pc Aluminium, Alloy, Brass and Copper Metal Polishing Buffing Compound Kit contains: 1 x 100g Bar of Pro-Max Brown Metal Polishing Compound. Bolpol - Grey - Coarse Abrasive polishing Compound bar - Metal Buffing soap - Ideal for Honing Paste for bushcraft Survival Knives & Woodworking, Woodturning Tools on … These polishing compounds are great to use for polishing by hand or with a rotary tool. 1.5 lb. each. Novel Dialux Metal Polishing Compound 8 bars 4oz. Nonferrous & Tripoli As every customer's needs are different, our compounds can be tailored to your specific requirements. You will need to get the surface to 240/400 grit before you start polishing at process 1. 6 Piece Kit: 8” Airway Buffing Wheels & XL Polishing Compound Bars Combo Pack.

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