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A search for an obituary requires three key pieces of information, and it becomes more difficult with each missing piece. After a divorce in 1950, Mary Brennan taught home economics in high schools and a junior college. Once you find the obituary you are looking for, you can get important information about upcoming services, share a favourite photo or memory, and send flowers or gifts to the family. He was 75. This database contains an index to obituaries as provided by the Obituary Daily Times. John Paul Stevens: The Case That Drove Him to Retire. spotting and sundry varieties of bamboozlement, bunco, chicanery, flimflam, flummery, humbuggery, mountebankery, pettifoggery and out-and-out quacksalvery, as he quite often saw fit to call them, died on Tuesday at his home in Plantation, Fla. There he found that howling storms could craft mirages — a hunter stalking a grizzly bear that, as he approaches, turns into a marmot, or a polar bear that grows wings and flies away: only a snowy owl. In 1967, he married Sandra Jean Landers. Over the years, Mr. Randi managed to antagonize many, and not merely the targets of his investigations. What roiled his blood, and was the driving impetus of his existence, Mr. Randi often said, was pseudoscience, in all its immoral irrationality. This activity is not about yourself. Times Herald-Record obituaries and Death Notices for Middletown New York area . When you have found an obituary of interest, you have the option of upgrading that obituary with more recent and relevant content unless the obituary is already assigned to another user. “He is much attracted to the rift that has opened between human society and nature, and, more specifically, to the theory that art can close it. You can search by first or last name, state and publication date. “For Mr. Lopez, it is a land where ‘airplanes track icebergs the size of Cleveland and polar bears fly down out of the stars,’ a land rich in imagery and metaphor.”. Among his many honors, he had a minor planet named for him, Asteroid 3163 Randi, discovered in 1981. Edit . He decided it was time to forsake escapism. Montreal Gazette - a place for remembering loved ones; a space for sharing memories, life stories, milestones, to express condolences, and celebrate life of your loved ones. He continued his escape acts until he was well into his 50s. His investigative methods were sometimes called deceptive. The New York Times wants to end the dominance of dead white guys on its obituary pages, using newly developed software to spotlight more and more biographies of … It’s about culture, and your job is to help.”, The British writer Robert Macfarlane put it this way in The Guardian in 2005: “Throughout his writings, Lopez returns to the idea that natural landscapes are capable of bestowing a grace upon those who pass through them. I only expect to show that something is not likely.”. Mr. Randi and his spouse, the artist Deyvi Orangel Peña Arteaga, at a special screening of "An Honest Liar" in Los Angeles in 2015. a disastrous appearance on “The Tonight Show”, Mr. Geller told New Times Broward-Palm Beach. At 60, he retired from stage magic entirely. Each of these details provide another way to verify records or track them down to begin with. It was the first time he became attuned to people’s astonishing willingness to be deceived. In one highly publicized stunt intended to show the gullibility of the news media, he had a young associate — his life partner, then known as José Alvarez — pose as a spirit medium named Carlos. Shifting within his scant confines, he heard two of his vertebrae snap. “To help. Much as the biologist and author Thomas Henry Huxley had done in the late 19th century (though with markedly more pizazz), he made it his mission to bring the world of scientific rationalism to laypeople. AP News - 42 days ago . After it expired, Mr. Peña assumed the identity of a Puerto Rican man whom he erroneously believed to be dead. “Popoff says God tells him these things,” Mr. Randi told U.S. News & World Report in 2002. See the publication list on the site’s home page for additional information on obituary sources. Latest Video. In 2007, he married Debra Arleen Gwartney, who had four daughters: Amanda, Stephanie and Mary Woodruff and Mollie Harger; and a half brother, John Brennan, all of whom survive. He was a particular favorite of Mr. Carson’s. “It treats the distant snowy world of the Arctic as a place that exists not only in the mathematics of geography, but also in the terra incognita of our imaginations,” Michiko Kakutani wrote in a review of “Arctic Dreams” in The New York Times. Mr. Geller’s popularity continued undimmed, however, prompting Mr. Randi to write an exposé, “The Magic of Uri Geller” (1975), republished in 1982 as “The Truth About Uri Geller.”. He believes in the community of artists.”, Barry Lopez, Lyrical Writer Who Was Likened to Thoreau, Dies at 75. Barry’s mother encouraged his love of nature with trips to the Mojave Desert and the Grand Canyon. In “Crow and Weasel” (1990), a fable of long ago, “when people and animals spoke the same language,” two youngsters leave their plains tribe and come of age facing perils in the wilderness on a quest for wisdom. AP News - 39 days ago. He joined a traveling carnival as a mentalist but soon became an escape artist. A California preacher who professed to heal the sick, Mr. Popoff had a wide following on television and radio. The Truth About Unicorns, Parapsychology, and Other Delusions” (1980); “The Faith Healers” (1987); and “An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural” (1995). James Randi, a MacArthur award-winning magician who turned his formidable savvy to investigating claims of spoon bending, mind reading, fortunetelling, ghost … In 1955, he escaped in two and a half minutes from a straitjacket after being hoisted six stories into the air at West 65th Street and Broadway in Manhattan. I’m an investigator. We are constantly trying to improve our data and make the search for obituaries as easy as possible. Through the James Randi Educational Foundation, Mr. Randi sponsored the Million Dollar Challenge, a contest offering $1 million to the person who, following rigorous scientific protocols, could demonstrate evidence of a paranormal, supernatural or occult phenomenon. “By laying no blame while facing the tragedy for what it is, he has made what we have done to the wolf a source of new knowledge about man.”. A history of man’s relationship with wolves, it separated fact from fiction in what critics called a cleareyed evaluation of a creature that has been superstitiously scapegoated and historically slaughtered nearly to extinction in regions of Europe and North America. But, deciding to be a writer, he drifted away from the church, as he explained in an interview for this obituary in 2017, and starting in the late 1960s he adopted a deep reverence for nature and its effect upon humanity. His survivors include Mr. Peña, whom he married in 2013, as well as a sister, Angela Easton, and a brother, Paul Zwinge, Mr. Peña said. Though his pursuit of Mr. Popoff was a consuming passion, Mr. Randi’s white whale was indisputably Mr. Geller, who had been famed since the 1970s for feats like bending keys and spoons, which he said he accomplished by telepathy. He attended a Roman Catholic grade school in the nearby Los Angeles neighborhood of Encino. At Tributes.com we believe that Every Life has a Story that deserves to be told and preserved.. Tributes.com is the online source for current local and national obituary news and a supportive community where friends and family can come together during times of loss and grieving to honor the memories of their loved ones with lasting personal tributes. But I didn’t realize God used a frequency of 39.17 megahertz and had a voice exactly like Elizabeth Popoff’s.”. He wrote many books, among them “Flim Flam! Browse Daily News obituaries, conduct other obituary searches, offer condolences/tributes, send flowers or create an online memorial. Mr. Peña, who spent six weeks in jail and faced deportation, later pleaded guilty to a single count of passport fraud. When Barry was 11, the family moved to Manhattan, where he attended the Loyola School, a Jesuit institution, and was senior class president, graduating in 1962. He had lived in Florida since the 1980s. There was little air. His brother, Dennis, died in 2017. SEARCH. “And I interrupted and said: ‘Excuse me, how do you know that’s true? Footage of Mr. Popoff’s service, with the audio of Ms. Popoff’s voice superimposed, was broadcast on “The Tonight Show.” Mr. Popoff ceased operations in 1987, though he later resumed them. Mr. Alvarez, an artist whose original name was Deyvi Orangel Peña Arteaga, said that he had fled his native Venezuela as a young man to escape antigay death threats. The Dignity Memorial® online obituary search tool gives you access to obituaries from thousands of locations across North America. Using a singular combination of reason, showmanship, constitutional cantankerousness and a profound knowledge of the weapons in the modern magician’s arsenal, he traveled the country exposing seers who did not see, healers who did not heal and many others. In the Canadian Arctic, Mr. Lopez was once engulfed in a blizzard of such intensity that it turned into a mystical experience: Three-dimensional space seemed to vanish all around him. We invite you to contact The New York Times at (800) 238-4637 (800-AD-TIMES) or (212) 556-3900 or contact us at the email address: classifiedadtrans.help@nytimes.com CLOSE Need Help? Though he remained a dyed-in-the-wool rationalist to the last, Mr. Randi did have a contingency plan for the hereafter, as he told New Times in 2009. “There comes a point,” Mr. Randi said, “where you just don’t want to see a little old guy getting out of a can.”. She said the family had been living in a temporary home in Eugene since September, after their longtime home along the McKenzie River, near Finn Rock, Ore., was consumed by a wildfire. Though the challenge attracted more than a thousand aspirants, the prize remained unclaimed on Mr. Randi’s retirement from the foundation in 2015. But in later years, Mr. Randi was not so much an illusionist as a disillusionist. In the course of his career, he investigated more than 100 people, including, memorably, Peter Popoff, a well-heeled self-described faith healer whom he exposed on “The Tonight Show.” Mr. Randi was also known for his decades-long sparring match with Uri Geller, the professed mentalist known for his serial abuse of flatware. “These things used to be on the back of cornflakes boxes,” Mr. Randi, his voice italic with derision, once told the television interviewer Larry King. obituaries 'Trailblazer' Chinese-American businesswoman dies. You must know the name of the deceased, the date (or date range) of death, and the location where the person died. From Dec. 4, 2020 onward, our daily celebrity news obituaries can be found at Legacy.com. In 1986, The Los Angeles Times reported, his average gross income was $550,000 a month. Though he was often called a debunker, Mr. Randi preferred the terms “skeptic” or “investigator.”, “I never want to be referred to as a debunker,” he told The Orlando Sentinel in 1991, “because that implies someone who says, ‘This isn’t so, and I’m going to prove it.’ I don’t go in with that attitude. He entered an irrational world, in Toronto, as Randall James Zwinge on Aug. 7, 1928, one of three children of Marie (Paradis) and George Zwinge. This obituary is part of a series about people who have died in the coronavirus pandemic. Based in Amherst, N.Y., the organization promotes the scientific investigation of claims of the paranormal and publishes the magazine Skeptical Inquirer. Mr. Alvarez made headlines again in 2011 when he was arrested by federal authorities at the couple’s home in Plantation and charged with passport fraud and identity theft. “I know who he is, and I know what he is as well,” Mr. Randi said in the 2014 documentary. When Randall stood up and exposed the fraud, congregants called the police; he spent several hours in jail before his father came to collect him. Albany Times Union obituary notices and Death Notices for Albany New York area . World; U.S. Mr. Lopez spent five years in the Arctic, and his books, essays and short stories explored the kinship of nature and human culture. For observers of Mr. Randi’s career, the inevitable question was whether the great deflator of deception had himself been deceived. We are constantly trying to improve our data and make the search for obituaries as easy as possible. His essay collection “About This Life: Journeys on the Threshold of Memory” (1998) explored landscapes around the world and in the mind. The lid of the can jammed, trapping Mr. Randi inside. Attending Sunday school as a boy, he was moved often to inquiry. Mr. Lopez spent five years in the Arctic, and his books, essays and short stories explored the kinship of nature and human culture. At long last, he heard the locks on the can being undone and the lid pried open. Obituary Headlines, View current celebrity deaths on Legacy.com. “Light Action in the Caribbean” (2000) was a diverse collection of short stories bound by Mr. Lopez’s belief in the redemptive values of self-respect. After a trip to Alaska to research wolves for a magazine assignment in 1976, Mr. Lopez devoted two years to a study of the history, lore, habitats and literature of wolves, reviled in myths as evil and hunted since the Dark Ages as bloodthirsty beasts. “Randi is my best unpaid publicist,” Mr. Geller told New Times Broward-Palm Beach, an alternative weekly newspaper, in 2009. In “Emory Bear Hands’ Birds,” an imprisoned Native American storyteller uses magic realism to evoke hope in fellow inmates. Mr. Doctorow was honored for “World’s Fair,” and Mr. Lopez for “Arctic Dreams.”. The New York Times charges you $263 for the first four lines and then $52 per line after that, with about 28 characters per line. We encourage your input. Over the years, Mr. Randi was the subject of a string of defamation suits, including several by Mr. Geller. On a tour of Australia in 1988, “Carlos” drew hordes of worshipful followers, and the uncritical attention of many journalists, as he pretended to channel long-dead spirits. For a time in the early 1970s, Mr. Randi toured with the rock star Alice Cooper, decapitating him nightly with a trick guillotine. In 1973, Mr. Geller made a disastrous appearance on “The Tonight Show” in which he was unable to summon his accustomed powers: On Mr. Randi’s advice, the show’s producers had supplied their own props and made sure Mr. Geller had no access to them beforehand. Explore Life Stories, Offer Condolences & Send Flowers. Charlie got to live to be an old man, died in a bed, and was world famous for almost 50 years. The phone number for submitting obituaries is 212-556-3900 for calls within New York City, and 800-458-5522 for calls from outside the city. He saw immediately that the preacher was using a time-honored mentalists’ trick, called the “one ahead,” in which a performer appears to divine the contents of sealed envelopes that he has previously opened and read. When Mr. Randi revealed the ruse, it drew those journalists’ ire. At once elfin and Mephistophelian, with a bushy white beard and piercing eyes, Mr. Randi — known professionally as the Amazing Randi — was a father of the modern skeptical movement. Explore Life Stories, Offer Condolences & Send Flowers. Examining Li Peng’s Tiananmen Legacy as the ‘Butcher of Beijing’ 0:60. Search Legacy.com for all paid death notices from The New York Times. “In coming to terms with the difference between what we know and what we imagine about the wolf, Lopez has shed light on some painful truths about the human experience,” Whitley Strieber said in a review for The Washington Post. In a half-century of travel to 80 countries that generated nearly a score of nonfiction and fiction works, including volumes of essays and short stories, Mr. Lopez embraced landscapes and literature with humanitarian, environmental and spiritual sensibilities that some critics likened to those of Thoreau and John Muir. My Family and Friends. His wife, Debra Gwartney, confirmed his death and said that Mr. Lopez had had prostate cancer. He was 81. In his regular classes, he proved such a gifted student that the local school system soon threw up its hands and let him attend only to take exams. Search All NYTimes.com. “Maybe he does. He even raised a wolf pup. “I knew that if I panicked, I would be dead — that’s all there is to it.”. “Space has no depth. Go to the New York Times' advertising department website. That year, Mr. Randi planted an accomplice with a radio scanner and a tape recorder at one of Mr. Popoff’s public meetings. “I wanted to stay in a sealed metal coffin longer than he did, get out of a straitjacket faster than he did, under chains, out of leg irons, out of handcuffs.”. Phil Niekro, Baseball Hall of Famer and knuckleballer, dies at 81 Baseball Hall of Famer Phil Niekro died after a long fight with cancer, the team announced Sunday. “They started to read to me from the Bible,” Mr. Randi recalled in 2016. He spent a month at a monastery in Kentucky but decided that a monastic life would be “too easy,” he told The Times. Browse obituaries, conduct other obituary searches, offer condolences/tributes, send flowers or create an online memorial. After he sprang himself from a Quebec jail cell, a local newspaper christened him “L’Étonnant Randi” — the Amazing Randi. Explore Life Stories, Offer Condolences & Send Flowers. Mr. Lopez was a contributing editor for Harper’s Magazine and wrote for many national publications. Hearing of a local preacher who professed to read minds, he attended a service. “I can tell you in two words,” he said when asked about his motives for writing. But one day, as he rehearsed a television show for which he had been sealed and shackled in an outsize milk can, something went awry. In the title story, a smug, materialistic yuppie meets a violent end in a Caribbean vacation paradise: “The first bullet tore through his left triceps, the second, third, fourth and fifth hit nothing, the sixth perforated his spleen, the seventh and eighth hit nothing, the ninth hit the console, sending electrical sparks up, the tenth went through his right palm, the next four went into the air, the fifteenth tore his left ear away, the sixteenth ricocheted off the sixth cervical vertebra and drove down through his heart, exiting through his abdomen and lodging in his foot.”. The bottom of the world disappears. He taught at Columbia University, Eastern Washington University, the University of Iowa, Carleton College in Minnesota and Texas Tech University, where his works are archived. He got exactly what he wanted. Mr. Randi resided for many years in Rumson, N.J., in a house equipped with secret staircases, a talking door knocker and clocks that ran backward. On foot, you stumble about in missed stair-step fashion. The name stuck. Raised and educated in Roman Catholic traditions, Mr. Lopez as a young man considered vocations as a priest or a Trappist monk. The scanner picked up Mr. Popoff’s wife relaying information previously gleaned about audience members into a small receiver hidden in his ear. He interviewed scientists, trappers and native people in the American and Canadian Northwest.

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