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The film tells the story of a couple, Elise Landry (Erika Christensen) and her husband, Craig Landry (Jesse Metcalfe), whose lives are shattered when a serial killer named John Kozlowski (Bill Moseley), kidnaps, tortures, and kills their only son, Benjamin. The movie clearly shows the pedophile/murderer escaping, while they are grabbing the man convicted of tax fraud. It's driving me nuts! Has an almost Poe-like way of confusing the reader/veiwer by making them root for the protaginist only to find they are equally villianous. Otherwise you did pretty good. Hence him talking his own life. Remember, torture works, and mom wanted the name. It is NOT a horror movie; aside from the contemplation of pain, there is nothing scary about this lousy B-movie. I reckon the guy with the dog was trying to lead them to the guys that tortured him so people have seen that and clearly the driver and guard must of seen the license plate. Right away on their corporate website, and even the domain name. He then ultimately commits suicide on the grounds that he deserves to die. My first thought was exactly that, tax evasion can get you killed!Going back to the movie, it really would have been pointless if they had the right guy in the first place, there needed to be a twist, something to make you think and feel bad for the wrong guy. No. Just throwing this out there, the guy kicked the husband down the steps. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. The movie could have been much better though. (obviously trying to convince him and/or herself). Like someone above said, the guy had amnesia and memory loss and at some sort of point, he heard the child name. it is no doubt not him. I just watched the movie and rewound it 10 times, paused scenes, and compared faces. It really could have been so much more. It even showed him looking through the basement window at the tax evader, no they had the wrong man....the one that hung himself had a bandage round his right leg..which was the child killer...his note referred to what he had watched through a window..not even he cud handle it...theres yor twist. with all the different comments was it him or was it not him? The tax evader was probably the neighbor who complained about hearing cries coming from the basement (which was questionable to me because who hears noises from another person's basement). OMG he wrote the note when he went upstairs and had his back towards us.... GOOD EYE, I was sitting here racking my brain trying to figure out when he actually wrote the stupid note! Not only will they feel bad that they tortured the wrong guy, but they will still have no peace since their child's murderer is still alive. silja danielson .. you thick bitch he wrote the note just before the mother hit him with the pipe..if someone raped your ass would you be as stupid? The Tortured The Tortured 2010 The Tortured 2012 The Tortured Path The tortured adopted The tortured baby gacha The tortured boss fight The tortured movie review In case, any rights are violated kindly email me first and let me know. the two looked a lot alike when the tax guy was beaten! Ryan Murphy's Broadway extravaganza, The Prom, ends on a note of acceptance & hope. I'm guessing you're a pedophile too. Did you not read that AMAZING summary above on March 22 at 12:37am? I found more sense in the writings here than in the movie! They did in fact show the tax evasionist writing the note very briefly. 14 Apr 2018 ... One of the boys, a 13-year-old, was killed after having been brutally tortured. that movie makes you feel stupid lol. People. You think it really cost that much per prisoner or do you think there are some politicians and prison officials lining their pockets with excess funds? They tortured the wrong guy who actually had amnesia. Apparently so did the critiques phone ! Forget the amnesia...daddy said "it's possible! Well of course the viewer can get these points, feel the chills, be sorry for the wrong guy et cetera, but since there is no characters allowed to realize this, the movie ends without an ending - everyone is happy and everyone is a bad person. Couldn't have said it better. Ratched's Mind-Scrambling Ending, Explained. The couple tortured the tax evader, not the child killer. Thersaskater .. Am sorry to tell you that your wrong about this. This was obviously shot before they captured the real Koslowski. Yep, they tortured the wrong guy. Next. Watch the movie again ya thick cheeky blokes! I wish they'd ended it with the couple waking up at home the next morning, feeling generally self satisfied with themselves only to turn on the news to find out they had the wrong guy. The only thing they screwed up on was when she knocked him out from in the bathroom he didn't have the note in his hand but had already written it. Enjoyed reading all this as I ran to google right after I finished watching this. You could hear him scribbling something and see it in his hand when he is walking from window. The news reporter saying that Kozlowski was still on the run makes me think they torchered the right guy. You were never in this movies production. We simply weren't shown mention of both escaped convicts, because killer dude was the biggest "news" in the story, and it was part of the lead into revealing, to the audience, what had happened. New alliances are formed, others break down, and there are … That can sharpen your page's relevance for those phrases, but there were many things that I was happy with. We all saw his face. Because HE is in the movie way more than Kozlowski. And then, at the final scene, they made it without Satoshi. The conflict on whether to torture a man who cannot recall what he did, is also about whether to torture a man at all. There seems to be an odd attempt to make the the parents comparable to the child murderer. How blind can you possibly be? And at the end it leaves the protagonists who you root for being two dickheads who tortured some guy for something he didnt even do I think he was in prison for tax evasion. Once they perform it, Ayumi and Naomi get back in once piece but Satoshi doesn't. This dialogue, combined with her previously saying to the husband that she "just have to blame (and punish) someone", clearly implies the fact that she knew (or at least started to suspect) the man on the table was not the murderer of their son -- and the husband (who was probably the first to notice the wrong face) was just playing along, trying to satisfy the revenging urge of his wife (and maybe his own frustration, as well) to save their marriage. Its half a smart idea, but the fact they was in the court room with the man that killed their son you would never forget that face. Revenge is not a wise choice for us, because that is something better left for God. He knew that he would continue to kill boys once he was released from prison (that's why his sentence was made known to us). but now, obviously it wasn't, Listen to you and your big fancy words thinking you know it all. Elin Nunez you are such a liar. After being led to believe he'd let her go, Amy is then put in a barrel with Megan's decomposing remains which Josh then buries. hopefully they are making a sequel and thats why they left it like the soaps cliffhanger fridays because if not i feel like i wasted 118 minutes of my life lol, Thank you for your comments.What I didnt like was the fact that the parents of benjamin were not sentenced to any charge of tortring?Someone explain me, Exactly they deserved to be caught and sentenced for what they did to that man. That's why I believe he let them think he was the actual killer. He only knew what he was being tortured for because they told him. Okay so the ending of this movie left me very upset .. first of all both of the parents are hypocrites...saying oh you're a monster you did this and you did that and then they went and did the exact same thing ..Also no matter how bad the accident had the man battered up how can you not recognize the face of the man who murdered your child ? Any doubt? I am a grandmother of a 5 year old boy and I would have wanted to do just as they did, I am ashamed to say it disappointed me that they had the wrong guy. "Justice is about tempering revenge"... Fuck you, in real life people like this monster portrayed in the movie deserve everything the tortured guy got and more. Directed by Robert Lieberman, The Tortured follows Craig (Jesse Metcalfe) and Elisa Landry (Erika Christensen), a happily married couple whose lives are destroyed due to their son being kidnapped and brutally murdered. Hee hee.The news story about killer dude being off in the woods was just a flashback to a point before he was caught. So this is my take on the ending. She said she just needed someone to blame. ... were tortured and killed by the Nazis after hiding fugitives in the house. The Paramedic movie's ending explained. First of all, they did not have the right man. They have the wrong guy, and he only believes he is the right guy because he has no memory and all he has to go on is what he is being told. I agree that the film touches upon morality of torture and ethics, but I feel it was a bit of a fuck you to the audience, Like the guy kills kids only gets 25 years and avoids being tortured. Unless, the plot thickens, and Kozlowski switches identities with the fraudster after seeing him torchered. Lol. It's very clear that they tortured the wrong man, so I dont know what all the confusion is about with everyone. The cops were told of one escape convict in a cabin. Good books and movies need an important conflict. As for all the comments, and I admit, I did not read them all: many of them were inaccurate. Listen for him writing and tearing the note. Very helpful advice within this post! It is so obvious I dont get how there’s a mix up here. Jan 28, 2018 - Corpse Party: Tortured Souls Ending Explained It was already widely known that the convicts had escaped. I am a HUGE Bill Mosley fan and that wasn't him being tortured. He wrote it at the window. I even noticed how it wasen't the right guy. The suspense is that the cops were on their way. The biggest hint about what, exactly, is going on in both the book and the film comes in the title. Lol, Wrong fella, one part showed that, when the serial killer looked into the basement window an seen the scam artist layed out on the table, Greetings! There is a very brief flashback sequence at the end where the wife, while arguing with the husband, says something like "It's the same man!" That happened way before they even decided to kidnap the guy! Thank you...what is wrong with these people...I can't stand it jesus gawd! So this movie, as torturous as it was to watch, need not have been watched in vain; we can take some things away from it for our consideration. There is absolutely NO DOUBT that they tortured the WRONG guy. P.S. So yesterday i watched this film staring Jesse Metcalfe and Erika Christensen which was released in 2010, The Tortured. Here are the key themes and the ending of the film, explained. He actually scribbled the note when he came from the basement. The couple musted been blinded by anger. Even if they had gotten the right guy they should be punished. The guy had a bandage on his leg because the wife stabbed him. He knew the sons name, Benjamin. Period. Justice is a business and they don't want death penalties because then they lose their annual revenue from that prisoner (which cost the tax payers a staggering 30k to 60k depending on state) & that is per prisoner annually. The tax evader was the kidnapper and the killer. How could anyone SEE the ending and not recognize that?? )/ ha ha . Too bad they didn't put more effort into it's making. It's the little changes that make the greatest changes. Not a bad story, but very shitty execution. I hope there is a tortured 2!! Amy is tortured and raped in a very graphic scene, then is made to eat from a dog bowl. If that had thought that, A, they would have said on the accident scene, "this isn't him" or "where the hell is he". Geez they tortured the wrong guy. Also for those of you saying he didn't have time to write the note, you SEE him write it in their bedroom moments before the wife knocks him down with a piece of pipe, and he has the note in his hand there and then.ALSO, for those of you saying they had the right guy the whole time, did any of you actually pay attention to faces in this movie? +They have another chance to torture the dude later. In their need for revenge, theses people bring misery to a man who did not deserve it. My phone auto corrected. This comment has been removed by the author. First of all, he definitely wrote the note when he came upstairs. So he killed himself thinking he was that terrible child killer. They tortured the wrong guy. Right before she hit him with the pipe, you could see the note in his hand. They bury him so no one would be the wiser. The tax evader was caught and reprisoned. Such as the parents ever know, whatever happened to the parents etc. Then the parents discover the just escaped tortured killer in the shed who confesses and he offs himself. Excellent interpretation! LOL! No morale, no lessons. They didn’t capture the guy the couple had tortured! And if you go to the court room scene, the man the police arrest again is CLEARLY the same guy. I've watched a lot worse than this movie. By the way they captured the child killer, and they most likely got away. That's exactly what I thought when I watched it.. The Berean Call, has cited the ending lines of the end poem as equating the player — not Notch — to God. The cops caught a guy with no head wounds, no chest wounds, nothing...just dirt on his shirt. He got himself loose and came upstairs to write the apology note. In the end, the protagonists just look like idiot--who finally had sex once they started to torture someone after the frustration of loosing their child.I get the feeling that the creators of this story wanted it to be more than an exploitation film, but failed in the process. (Hoping). I'm faceplaming so hard reading some of these answers that they tortured the "right person". You cant explode the mans ears, Then spend the rest of the movie showing him react to their words even answering questions later. Unfortunately it sounds like they added too much cheese to the mix, as most films do anymore. You're incredibly wrong, and the person who wrote te post is correct. if not to emphasize the fact that there were two prisoners in the prison van. There are plenty of so-called experts online so beware. As the cops capture the tax evader they assume that's the one convict reported and unrealistically end the man hunt. the fish at the bottom of this page! They could have gotten an actor that looked like the murderer in the first place; even with the wounds and blood on his face, the tortured guy did not resemble the killer. But the reality is the episode wasn't supposed to be the finale, it was to be a cliffhanger and the show just got cancelled before they could resolve it. The film Tortured - Don't get the ending (don't read if you aint seen it)? As they are faced with empty nests and changes of pace, many will decide to sell in order to compete in the business is an easy one. I just see this movie and this is my own opinion. I'd love to see that! They convinced him he did it because they were so sure it was him! If you actually have one bit of pity for a child murdering monster then i pity you. An overall ok movie with a twist in the end..And after much deliberation (and rewinding a couple of times) I also came to the conclusion that they had the wrong guy. They definitely had the wrong man, and the wrong man had amnesia. I have a theory that revenge is an altruistic emotion, much like love, in that it costs dearly the person seeking it, and benefits society, but eventually , not immediately like love. I wanted to see when the parents found out they had tortured the Wrong guy!!!! Did you NOT see who they captured at the end, alive? So yeah, he pretty much would have done anything at that point to escape the torture chamber and go off to kill himself. You can also read a recap of … Your explanation clears it up for me. The car alarm tease seemed to have been cleared up when rifleman visited. blood all over ya face smashed up when u only think theres one criminal in the van,adrenalin pumping one thing on your mind an a crash....hey some people cant even pick out an evil crime against themselves a day later after seeing um face to face... Just watched the movie. Megan Is Missing ending explained. I love these comments. That to me means she had a strong idea it wasn't the right man they were torturing. The guy had amnesia, he heard the parents mention the kid's name, and he gave the correct name because torture WORKS!!!! Did you even attempt to watch the movie or are you really that brain dead? WTF! And for that matter, being able to put any pressure on it whatsoever as he runs away. The tax evader that WAS the one being tortured knew they were going to continue torturing him. Even immediately after they realized their son was murdered, as they were arguing after he pulled the drawer full off junk out, she said "I'm sorry but I just feel I have to blame someone." She just needed to take it out on somebody. Probably a halfassed attempt to raise the plot above a mere torture for revenge scenario. It proves that he isn't a bad guy at heart when, despite memory loss, he kills himself when he is led to believe he is a child murderer. Acquiring a domain name such as www.Here is my blog post: search ranking, Ok. Let's as Hitchcock ending to this...1st. It's the same exact guy, for fucks sake. I just watched the movie. Everything else is clear. He put himself in their shoes and figured if these people were distraught enough to torture a person they would have gone over the edge once they found out they tortured the wrong person. The film also shows you the right guy wandering through the woods while the wrong guy is getting tortured; it's even him that sets the car alarm off.The fact of the matter is that this film is not open for interpretation; the ending is what is VERY CLEARLY SHOWN. I havent even seen the movie and it sounds viscerally disturbing. They made it very clear the child murder got away. The ending of Minecraft explained. PS: They never would have stopped the search for the 2nd inmate. Ending made least made me realize I was right when I kept thinking "that guy looks different than the guy in court.". When the police capture the guy who killed their child at the end on the run, you SEE his face and see that it is him. Worked slightly, now I have something to talk to my daughter about who is a real Bill Mosely fan. The news reporter said Kozlowski was still on the run, so that means they caught the tax evader, and Kozlowski was actually dead and buried. However, the three children spirits will appear, surrounding Naomi and, unbeknownst to her, have her swallow a pair of scissors and let it cut her insides, slaying her. They show it during one of the flashbacks. Here's The Houses October Built's twist ending explained - and how the sequel undermines it. He knew that he was an abomination. Bottom line, they tortured the WRONG MAN!!!! He knew that he was a coward. And when they were saying the child killer was still on the loose they were saying that after they found the car accident. The tax evader (wrong guy) that they are torturing, hears the father sag the child's name when the mom is puking. who gives a fuck who they tortured they got satisfaction that's all that matters, yea i agree the man that jumped off the chair had a bandage round his leg..the person to put a bandage round his leg was the child killer that run off....the note meant he cudnt handle the torture that he watched through the window of the wrong think the films trying say he thought they were worse then him. I agree, I rewinded the ending so confused of why he had the letter but now it makes sense that he thought he did it BC if the memory lost. How the hell could she have known they were going to get the wrong guy? The couple don't realize it yet that they tortured the wrong person but they will and that's gonna make them go crazy .. Anyways the movie could of been better , good plot but could have better ten times better .. Hey skater. Hence why the wrong guy had blood and bruises covering his face for the whole film, so the audience wouldn't realize it's the wrong guy until the end. I feel like they left a lot of holes open for there to be a possible shitty sequel. Basically, the tax evader had flashbacks, hence how he knew their child's name. No matter if he remembered or not, its the same dude. Choosing to forego that protection (when it's there) will always be costly, if even in the moment it seems like revenge is the best course of action. I guess he figured the killer got what he deserved. The Cobra Kai season 3 ending, arguably, kicks off the most important chain of events in Karate Kid history. ^^^^ REALLY DOUCHEBAG?? Syria’s war explained from the beginning. In his condition...not knowing who he was, what he had done, in a jail outfit, assuming the parents were correct (after all, THEY knew what he clearly didn't know), why would it occur to him to defend himself, without a reference memory point, or be clever enough to give a wrong boy's name to convince them he had amnesia?. This explanation helps me a lot because I was very confused and I just now watched the film oh crap I just realized that when you talk to text AutoCorrect is not put a lot Allot . And he started believing that he did kill their son bc he was wearing prison clothes and all that. This movie inspires some things to consider: the morality of torture; information threshold and action (don't take for granted your inferences, which are made even at the stage of mere observation); the essence of a person (our nutty protagonists, if you will, seem to think a person's essence is in his physical body and not his mind, and continue to torture the supposed perp despite his possibly having no memory); the nature of revenge when a deed is irreversible; how and when to allocate blame; the diminishing returns nature and futility of excessive punishment; among others I am sure. Ok so i get the part that they tortured the wrong man and very upset that the movie didnt show a part where they find out it was the wrong man they tortured it would have been nice to see that but what i really want to know how the heck did the real killer end up still there you would of thought that sense he is free he would have took off from that area he happened to still be in that area and get caught im so confused someone please explain 2 me, Real life things happen like this to kids alot threw out the world and its sad that someone with no morals dont give of shit what they are doing to innocent kids/adults thats pretty sick of some one to do also it doesnt solve your problem by killing or torturing the person that did wrong that makes you just as bad as them by doing that doesnt bring back your love one they are dead and not coming back and im sure they wouldnt want you to kill or torture their killer the same way what happened to them my ponit is you end up being a bad guy after you are mad at someone for doing something like that then turn around and want to do the same doesnt make you a good person either, i watched the whole thing and rewound it 4 times and still had to research what really happened lol. They used their sons name while torturing him, so he knew it was "Benjamin". There's no two ways about it; they had the wrong guy. The the other guy was pure evil and, memory loss or no memory loss, wouldn't have given a shit and wouldn't have felt any remorse for killing their child. The parents felt that justice had finally been served. Ok...I guess this movie can be nit picked to death. Are you fucking insane? I think I watched it like 3 times lol. okay I just finish this movie. It is speculated that they will see the news when they return home. The parents had very little time until they showed up. How many of you actually watched the movie? Indeed. The note was unrealistic and unneeded and he didn't have the time, paper and pen to write it as well. They had the wrong guy all the time. Why not just have 1 prisoner that they torture and bury? They definitely had the right man. Allowing the couple to read his hastily written note.We then see the police capture the real Kozslowski which is when we realise they've tortured the wrong person and caused his death.The couple then drive off home "content" as the feel justice has been done.Yes, they will get a huge shock when the detective calls them with the good news that Kozslowski has been caught, when they find out that Galligan is still unaccounted for they will realise what they have done.The film does make it clear that the couple wanted someone to blame, and they may have had doubts when they questioned wether it was right to punish "Kozslowski" when he genuinely seemed to have lost his memory, but the fact they were willing to "torture" some evidence out of him shows what their mindset was.Any doubts they had would have been out to rest when he later seemed to confess and hang himself.The fact that the guy that found them in the cabin, later also directed the police to the real location of Kozslowski is what I believe has confused some people about this film.How people can still think they had the right guy all along astounds me, Thank you! First time I watched it I didnt really pay much attention.. Instead, the girls are each holding one of his arms, with the rest of him nowhere to be seen. They had the right guy. No one would have notified them and I'm sure the cops wouldn't be letting news out that their transport drivers were so lame to get their vehicle stolen. :D, She said "it's the same man" referring to weather his memory wads there or lost. He’ll give his heart to the first woman who does THIS... Freddie Highmore as Norman Bates in PSYCHO prequel. It is ALL explained perfectly. The tax evasionist thought he really did kill those people's kid because he really had amnesia from the wreck. And, NO, the couple did not yet know, when the movie ended, what they had done.Lame movie. matt cutts is an important aspect of search engine results pages. Every single other movie with a twist at the end let's the character react to that - look at SAW or The Sixth sense. The part where he can't remember is actually more important than people realize. By Apeksha Bagchi Sep 21, 2020. We start this film with two distraught people who have lost their child, which shows that life isn't fair. This movie was a sloppily done and the confusion was inevitable. Yet they go right along talking to him and he clearly hears them and reacts to their words. God is the avenger! Happy ending. Overall good plot, The ending(even though still imperfectly executed) saved this movie from being kinda trashy. Justice is about tempering revenge from one or a few people so that everyone bears some of the weight on their behalf. However I am blown away that he used resuscitated, but spelled a lot allot and used know instead of know. You can watch rewatch the ending. That makes me sad :/ (the ending). I will look into the concern and try to do the needful. Sure, he gets captured and tortured and loses his arm. Assholes get off easy everyday, while the little guy gets pigeonholed for bs. But for the movie could the just include it..hooing we wouldn't think that way ? Wassup with killer dude giving up his jacket out there in the woods? Its so clear they had the wrong person. No bloodied head. Truth be told this movie should serve a blueprint for these bastards and the parents of the victims should be given the option to torture the fuckers at the minimum they should suffer the same fate as their victims. My bad! The creators of this movie want that viewers belive they have the right guy when in fact this is not true. The marshalls caught kowsloski in the woods. No bloodied chest. There in the text, where the universe is speaking to the player, the player is the universe and therefore God. That's why he left the note (an innocent person would not have done that), could only stare at her (before walking out the front door), and didn't try to get away. Justice I think not. It left it with a message you could take into the real world which I appreciate. And the murderer is clearly seen being arrested. The news people said that the child killer was still on the run. And the most obvious part which I dont understand how its not clear is that the man who hung himself with the note was clearly the man the couple tortured because of the blood on his face, his shirt, and his bruised eyes. anonymous from may 16 2014 is a douchebag. Up to that point, I had assumed that the search would end when the runaway killer was apprehended, allowing the couple to get out of dodge...going off into the sunset, taking with them some significant thoughts to ponder about the ethics of revenge, involving its possible inability to heal pain, as well as potential harm to the soul of the avenger. It's however you want to interpret it; however, I believe this is a false conclusion. I was getting so confused with all the other comments! She is talking about blaming the husband...why she can't just blame the guy that did it I don't know! Also it ends far to early as when the couple do discover they grabbed the wrong guy and the monster is still sucking air, that is when the real torture would begin.

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