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They have genuine concern for the well-being of … The person I love the most is very caring and compassionate. Why do you think this person is energetic? Describe an old person you often meet. Describe a person of your family who has a special skill. They are both eaten cold and raw. Only intelligent people are happy because, most intelligent folks are successful and, they have lots of exceptions, and they fell unhappy when things do not do according to their choice as well as, intelligent humans stay happy from the mind as compared to normal persons. There is a distinction." Examiners judge the candidates’ pronunciation skills, how well he/ she can express his/ her opinions in the IELTS speaking test. Throughout their lives, people learn new things. Describe something you learned from your family members. Simple 1:-Well, I belong to a nuclear family that consists of 5 members my father, my mother, my two siblings and myself. Intelligent people see it as an opportunity to learn more about things that they may not be familiar with. “All materials on this site are just for helping students prepare for the IELTS test.”, ” ALL The Answers Of the Questions on this site send by Students  and some data taken from the internet “. My father is a patient and kind person always care about his family. ... speaking or looking as though you think it is funny that you know something that someone else does not know. For a better practice for the IELTS exam and to achieve a higher band keep your eyes on this page. I feel motivated looking at Sneha. If you meet someone who asks a lot of questions and seems genuinely interested in what you have to say, consider if they’re curious people. or You should be able to answer the following cue cards as well if you prepare for this cue card topic: 1. Describe a family member of your family. When people lack Emotional Intelligence (EQ) they say things that leave others scratching their heads. He's 45 years now. There are numbers of persons I know who are intelligent in their field or some have vast knowledge about the world. He always remains’ up-to-date about his topics and deeply studied the concepts. Henrietta Swan Leavitt. And explain how you feel about this person? If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” Persistent people want it bad, really bad, and they never look for an excuse or a way out. 3. OK. Talk about a person who has a great influence on your life. Her mother is a school teacher and her father recently got retired from his job. Describe someone who helped you. When the Lord spoke, the Father worked, because He and the Father are one. Keep up the good work I’m a fan. Also Read: Describe an Expensive Activity that You Enjoy Doing Occasionally: Cue Card Model Answers, Great content. Really, I only have a problem with people not being punctual if they always arrive late… then it’s annoying and I would probably ask them to make an effort to be punctual… or try and avoid making appointments with them. A typical admiration I have seen is when people boy, are admiring a very famous singer, actor etc. Eventually, I impressed by the intelligence of my friend Deepak as well as, wondered by his creative mind. Well, every person is different, some are able and like to express themselves more while some like to keep things to themselves. 4. Why do you call him/her intelligent? In IELTS speaking tests candidates have to think and structure their answers very fast without any prior practice. She is a doctor by profession. I believe you can admire more than one person. Also Read: Describe A Prize That You Received: IELTS Cue Card Sample Answers for Speaking Test. I've underlined the best vocabulary. Your email address will not be published. He is down to earth individual as well as, he has a fabulous methodology to deal with elder human beings. In addition, he also has a huge amount of general knowledge and is a well personal-ted person too. I find Deepak is an intelligent person to whom I know very well. as if you own the place phrase. I myself am an introverted person and sometimes I really struggle to express myself. Describe a person you admire. I love reading your blogs and follow your advice for my preparations, Get a headstart on your IELTS exam preparation with IELTS speaking cue card sample answers. I have seen his straightforward side many times in my life. Every day she wakes up around 5 in the morning and teaches yoga to elderly people. She is a very energetic person and also tries to keep the people around her motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. I am proud of the man you have become. They can feel other people’s emotions and they can even “know” what someone thinks or feels at any given moment. Describe an old neighbour you admire. You should say: who this person is when and where you (first) met them (him or her) what kind of person he or she is * and explain why you think this person is intelligent. Describe a person you wanted to be similar to when you were growing up You should say: Who is he/she; How do you know him/her; Why do you want to be like them; Sample 1:-Well, every person has a role model like who he or she wants to become. Since my childhood, I have seen him being very honest and put his open out and open. After this, she helps her mother in the kitchen for dinner. She does this till 7 A.M. She makes her kid ready for school and she herself also gets ready for work. Let’s take a look at a few different ways to use adjectives. Even though, I persevered my primary education from a well-reputed school known as blooming birds school which is located in Moga, a district of Punjab. Describe a (very) intelligent person you know. A good sense of humor Hopefully, these cue card sample answers will help you understand the format better and eventually help you get your desired band score. My father was always a good role model for me as I was growing up. Your email address will not be published. Whenever any student goes to him in order to get help from him related to the academic curriculum, he treats that student very well and helps him or her. why? Describe a person whom you like very much. For example, one day, my sister baked cookies for all of us. He helps every needy student. Describe a person you often talk to. So, here I would like to talk about the intelligent person which I think is an expert in his field. Required fields are marked *. Also Read : Describe a Time You Saw Children Behave Badly in Public: IELTS Cue Card Sample Answers. Well, you are wrong. Smart people learn something new on a regular basis, acquire different skills and stay abreast of the latest events and news.. Usually, they have self-improvement as their hobby, always looking for ways to better themselves in areas that others might not think to look. Describe an elderly person you know about. Question: Do you think intelligent people are helpful? To describe someone’s appearance, you will often use adjectives. Intelligent and smart are examples of boring, overused adjectives that English learners tend to rely on.. And while there’s nothing inherently wrong with these words, a more descriptive term is often a better choice. Here are some ideas. Let me describe my father so that you understood how special he is. She is a single mother, a doctor, a yoga instructor and also a part-time teacher to the local kids. When you look at him for the first time, you can think that he wears only classy and formal clothes. Why do you think this person is very open? An adjective is a kind of word that describes a noun (a person, place or thing). Notify me of follow-up comments by email. That’s why I call him the intelligent person. But studies have shown that intelligent people do share certain personality traits. Well, I belong to a nuclear family that consists of 5 members my father, my mother, my two siblings and myself. According to me, it takes a lot of courage to speak your mind out and open. Describe yourself physically. The person I love the most is a very kind and gentle person. Cue card topics help the examiner understand if the candidate is able to organize his/ her thoughts in a coherent manner. It's not just about their work ethic. If we simply want to describe the person directly, we can say: She’s funny. My sister did B tech in electrical engineering. Now, he is a teacher in Government School. This word shows that you do not like people like this. How do you know him/her? 9. So now you know 59 positive adjectives to describe people you like. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Describe a useful skill you have. She helps her kid eat her dinner and also serves food to her parents. Answer: No, intelligent folks are not selfish but, sometimes they do not like to share personal things and matters with others. 2. I have seen him openly express his views and have hardly seen him hiding his feelings and thoughts. Isn’t that how you learned to be so smart? Disclaimer: Just so you know, if you order an item through one of our posts, we may get a small share of the sale.. Intelligence is independent of socioeconomic status, race, and gender. Describe the person whom you admire most. Best of luck! You don't really need to have a high IQ in order to be considered a highly intelligent person. 1. Answer: According to me, it is not necessary. A person who recognises when they don't know something and uses that as a cue to seek more information is probably an intelligent person. Here are some words and phrases you can use to describe a person’s appearance. He … Fatherly love has just as much if not more influence on a person's personality compared to motherly love, according to a new study. Today, I am going to talk about a very energetic person who I have met recently.

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