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bulbar polio involved the brain stem where the centers for the cranial nerves are located. • I hope Emma isn't going to be there - she really gets on my nerves. Here are many translated example sentences containing "MY NERVE" - english-french translations and … Locally applied they depress the terminations of sensory nerves, and may thereby lessen pain. Connective tissue and muscle separate the muscosa from the second layer, the submucosa, which contains blood vessels, lymph vessels, nerves, and glands. To irritate, grate on, or exasperate one. the under arm-nerve to the lophophore and its muscles; (iv.) A large network of nerves control the normal rhythmic contractions of the colon. Haller's definition of irritability as a property of muscular tissue, and its distinction from sensibility as a property of nerves, struck at the root of the prevailing hypothesis respecting animal activity. Special tufts of stout stiff hairs, sometimes termed vibrissae, and connected with nerves, and in certain cases with glands, occur in various regions. Motor nerves come from the brain and control movement. Everyone is gibberin Examples of Nerves in a sentence The anxious player’s nerves were on edge as he waited to see if he would be drafted in the first round. Peripheral Nervous System: There are two kinds of peripheral nerves, motor nerves and sensory nerves. Plus, I still have one foot in the working world, writing for magazines and doing media consulting. • But things now were really getting on his nerves. Find more ways to say get on nerves, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Nerve in a sentence. Copper-helps form healthy bones, joints, and nerves as well as hemoglobin and red blood cells. dermis layer contains blood vessels, nerves, oil glands, collagen fibers and elastin. The spinal cord has 31 pairs of spinal nerves attached which innervate the body and leave the vertebral canal via the intervertebral foramen. 4. After absorption it slows the pulse by stimulation of the vagus nerves. Primary reflex TAURUS: Third and fourth cervical nerves. Although, in the extreme correlation of the radial food-grooves, nerves, watervessels, and so forth, with a radiate symmetry of the theca, such a type differs from the Cystidea, while in the possession of jointed processes from the radial plates, bearing the grooves and the various body-systems outwards from the theca, it differs from all other Echinoderms, nevertheless ancient forms are known which, if they are not themselves the actual links, suggest how the crinoid type may have been evolved from some of the more regular cystids. The crackling fires, screaming skeletons and the lovely sound of gold hitting the ground help make the effects in Untold Legends very pleasing to the ears, but the music will start to grind your nerves after awhile. The sound of that baby screaming is getting on my nerves. The lobes of the cerebral hemisphere, optic nerves, arachnoid granulations and blood vessels are all identified. The supplement is an alkaloid that works by controlling the nerves that operate the heart and blood vessels. It's getting on my nerves." When that happens in a non-physical way, we can say it "gets on my nerves." (pinched) " I lost all my nerve. To be honest, you get on my nerves. In both tests, the examiner uses a computer, monitor, amplifier, loudspeaker, stimulator and high-tech filters to see and hear how the muscles and nerves are responding during the test. It gets on my nerves that everyone keeps saying how marvelous Madrid is. But the divorce of science of nature from mathematics, the failure of biological inquiry to reach so elementary a conception as that of the nerves, the absence of chemistry from the circle of the sciences, disappointed the promise of the dawn and the relative achievement of the noon-day. The brachial plexus is formed by four or five of the lowest cervical nerves; the last nerve of this plexus often marks the boundary of the cervical and thoracic vertebrae. How to use nerves in a sentence. "It's all right," he answered, his nerves tingling. Here are some ways to use it in sentences. It is named for Sir Charles Bell, a Scottish surgeon who, over two hundred years ago, did much of the earliest research regarding the anatomy and pathology of the cranial nerves. It's difficult to see get on my nerves in a sentence . He was also regarded as an authority in diseases of the nerves and brain. Cranial nerve palsies of the third, fourth and sixth cranial nerve palsies of the third, fourth and sixth cranial nerves may occur, affecting extraocular motility. get on my nerves in a sentence - Use "get on my nerves" in a sentence 1. The client should not get bothered with any technical aspects of the tool. Damage to nerves can cause numbness and decreased ability to use the injured limb. Not only does a person physically need the "high" from tobacco products, but he/she may also want to calm his/her nerves. Fourth-degree frostbite penetrates below the skin to the muscles, tendons, nerves, and bones. My limbs became glassy, the bones and arteries faded, vanished, and the little white nerves went last. According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, "nerve" has the following definitions: boldness (1601) courage (1809) nervousness (1839) impudence (1887) Advertisement. Examples of nerve to in a sentence: 1. These gradually impressed themselves on the theca and influenced the arrangement of the internal organs: it is fairly safe to assume that nerves, blood-vessels and branches from the water-sac stretched out along with these grooves, each system starting from a ring around the gullet. Baclofen (Lioresal) is a muscle relaxant that works on nerves in the spinal cord to reduce spasticity. With nerves of steel, the … I've been a bundle of nerves since Edith Shipton first showed up on our doorstep. These are the nerves throughout the body that communicate motor and sensory information to and from the spinal cord. The pain is referred because the nerves that supply the damaged organ enter the spine in the same segment as the nerves that supply the area where the pain is felt. It supplies the proboscis with nerves and gives off behind two stout trunks which supply the body (fig. BUY NOW: I Love God But Some Of His Children Get On My Nerves Shirt a railway. Large doses also depress the nervous system, weakening the anterior horns of grey matter in the spinal cord so as ultimately to cause complete paralysis, and also causing a partial insensibility of the cutaneous nerves of touch and pain. The wires joining each eye to the brain are called the optic nerves. Examples of Nerve in a sentence Gathering the nerve to ask the young lady to dance, the shy wallflower ventured away from the corner and marched towards the center of the dance floor. The rolling is effected by bands of large wedge-shaped cells - motor-cells - between the nerves, the loss of turgescence by which, as the air dries, causes the blade to curl towards the face on which they occur. But moderate doses of atropine markedly paralyse the terminals of the nerves that go to involuntary muscles, whether the action of those nerves be motor or inhibitory. → nerve Ejemplos desde el Corpus get on somebody’s nerves • Angry Dear Angry: We can understand how these kids can get on your nerves. This can be proved to occur in a heart so embryonic that no nerves can be recognized in it, and in portions of cardiac muscle that contain neither nervecells nor nerve-fibres. 2. We try to obey all of these rules. For this reason, it is best to shake off the nerves up front and get used to playing for an audience, even if you only ever hope to pull out your guitar at family gatherings. confided in a friend who told me about a book written by Dr. Claire Weekes " Self-help for your nerves " . Neuromuscular scoliosis is due to loss of control of the nerves or muscles that support the spine. 1. To save Planet Earth, you will need lightning reflexes and nerves of steel. From time to time it gives off minute circular nerves, which run round the body in the skin. The position of the pores near the centre of the ambulacrals in Bothriocidaris need not be regarded as primitive, since other early Palaeozoic genera, not to mention the young of living forms, show that the podia originally passed out between the plates, and were only gradually surrounded by their substance; thus the original structure of the echinoid ambulacra differed from that of the early asteroid in the position of the radial vessels and nerves, which here lie beneath the plates instead of outside them. To understand acute pain, it is necessary to understand the nerves that support it. Baclofen is a muscle relaxant that works on nerves in the spinal cord to reduce spasticity. These arguments, including what nerves and brains are like, show strongly why it is, why it is so disadvantageous. 3. "We really started to get on each others nerves when we lived in that small apartment together." Each idiom or expression has a definition and two example sentences to help understanding of these common idiomatic expressions with 'get'. Finally a digital sympathectomy strips nerves from blood vessels in the fingers. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. This causes the body's immune system to attack the myelin covering on nerves. She drew a deep breath, stilling her nerves, and crossed to the paddock. Definition and synonyms of get on from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.. Everyone knew it this had to happen, now who were against him will be fired or suffer the I Love God But Some [...] Skip to content. Here are many translated example sentences containing "YOU'RE GETTING ON MY NERVES" - english-danish translations and search engine for english translations. Also, botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin that blocks the ability of motor nerves to release acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter that relays nerve signals to muscles. nerves (noun) are a group of long thin fibres that carry information or instructions between the brain and other parts of the body. In severe cases there may be permanent partial or total loss of nerve function in the affected nerves and weakness or paralysis of the arm may be permanent. When the skeleton grows so thick that nerves are unable to pass between bones, the individual may have a nerve damage, paralysis, or become blind or deaf. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. There are two pairs of specialized cerebral nerves innervating the praeoral lobe, and provided with peripheral ganglia placed near the termination of the smaller branches. the median pallial nerve to the middle of the dorsal mantle; (ii.) He studied the nature of muscular contraction, causing a muscle to record its movements on a smoked glass plate, and he worked out the problem of the velocity of the nervous impulse both in the motor nerves of the frog and in the sensory nerves of man. It’s the worst of both worlds, because I’ve got deadlines to meet but inadequate time to complete my work. Once you have studied these expressions, test your knowledge with quiz testing idioms and expressions with get. Today I'd like to write about the expression “get on someone’s nerves”. Does this consciousness represent an authentic insight into ultimate fact, or is it a pitiful illusion of the nerves, born of man's hopes and fears and of his fundamental ignorance? From the charnel-house of the Vienna cabinet," he exclaimed, " a pestilential air breathes on us, which dulls our nerves and paralyses the flight of our spirit.". The fingertip consists of the uppermost phalanx with surrounding muscle, tissue, nerves, and nail. The motor nerves of the arteries, of the bladder and rectal sphincters, and also of the bronchi, are paralysed by atropine, but the nervous arrangements of those organs are highly complex and until they are further unravelled by physiologists, pharmacology will be unable to give much information which might be of great value in the employment of atropine. - Radial symmetry affects the food-grooves and, in the more advanced families, the thecal plates; probably also the nerves and ambulacral vessels, but not the gonads. In this adjustment the lowest stage is taken by 'reflex action and instinct, where Spencer the change of the organs is purely automatic. 2. The cranial nerves and spinal cord link the brain to the peripheral nervous system, that is the nerves present in the rest of body. BIG neutralizes toxin types A, B, C, D, and E before they can bind to nerves. 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