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… PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (Feb. 28) – The people of the city of Lae and the province of Morobe in Papua New Guinea will breathe a sigh of relief that some action is finally being taken to curb increasing lawlessness in their city and province. It shows that homicide rates in PNG are high compared with both regional and global comparators. Crime. 2) – Statistics released by police in Lae show a "moderate" increase in crime in and around Papua New Guinea’s second largest city. The World Bank report is part of its wider research and dialogue series on the socioeconomic costs and drivers of crime and violence in Papua New Guinea. Home Thorn Tree Country forums Pacific Islands & Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Mt. As an International Data Researcher (IDR) here at ECA, I am often required to visit countries where crime and security are an issue, often enough that it is now routine and doesn’t typically worry me. Settlement or squatter areas of towns and cities are particularly dangerous. A new World Bank report series attempts to quantify some of the costs Papua New Guinea faces from violent crime. Faces of crime: One gang member from Papua New Guinea's capital, Port Moresby, which has been ranked the most unlivable city. Serious crime is particularly high in the capital, Port Moresby, and in the cities of Lae and Mt Hagen. We were talking about Lae, Papua New Guinea’s second largest city, where I was due to fly the next day. DEALING WITH LAE’S MOUNTING CRIME. PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Mar. Headquartered in Port Moresby, it has offices in Five (5)centres: Lae, Mount Hagen, Kokopo, Madang and Goroka. Police have shot dead 11 escaped inmates after a mass break-out from Buimo jail in Papua New Guinea's city of Lae, local media reports say. Raskol is a Tok Pisin (Pidgin English) word derived from the English word rascal and is currently used in PNG to refer to gang members or criminals in general. Crime rates are very high nationwide; Port Moresby and Lae are considered among the most violent cities in the world. In Lae, incidence of violent crime more than doubled in 2010 compared with 2008. Editorial. We have two printing plants and the paper is simultaneously printed in the capital city of Port Moresby and the industrial city of Lae. PNG Post-Courier. 4 The Socio-economic Costs of Crime and Violence in Papua New Guinea the rates of Lae and NCD with selected cities in East Asia and elsewhere to put these numbers in international perspective. Raskol gangs are criminal gangs in Papua New Guinea, primarily in the larger cities, including Port Moresby and Lae. ... Papua New Guinea has a hot and humid climate, tempered by trade winds. Hagen ... danger and crime on the road to/from Lae Thorn Tree Country forums Papua New Guinea is considered to be a risky destination, mostly in Australian circles, mostly because of the activities of criminal gangs in major cities, especially in Port Moresby and Lae. Policing is poor and crime data are largely unavailable, but homicide, assault, and robberies are common in urban areas. The National is the top-selling newspaper in Papua New Guinea. Crime: 'Throughout Port Moresby, dense urban settlements and a …

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