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There is a popular way to remove common scratches on your iPhone 11 screen. Here’s how this method works: Dab a small amount of toothpaste onto the end of a cotton swab or clean, soft cloth. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Your watch will be much easier to scratch once this coating is sanded off. Grade: D – … 1-16 of 381 results for "apple watch scratch remover" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. The implication you made was that due to this quality assurance problem, your watch has a scratch. The SS models also have it so it'd be no different. Rub it into the scratch with a finger. About two weeks later I could no longer see where the scratch had been.. Use narrow masking tape to cover up the bezel of the watch to prevent damage. I only did it once... Not sure how much that will affect it. PENCIL ERASER. Were you not aware when you chose to buy the Sport of the Watch that it had a less scratch resistant display screen? The deeper parts of the scratch are much less noticeable and the shallow parts are completely gone. Any comments on that? I thought I would share my experience this morning after finding two long scratches on my AWS this morning. I could be wrong, but that is my opinion based on what you said. A very fine scratch might be something a polish could hide. Obviously very poor quality since I have had many watches in my time, treated them all carefully, and only my Apple Watch gets a large scratch from practically nothing. Using Toothpaste (for Plastic Screens) Have toothpaste at the ready. I got a scratch right after I bought my Apple Watch and was so sad. I'd be concerned about that. Baking soda can serve as a handy phone scratch remover. 3. 1. Apple Watch screen damage. You must log in or register to reply here. For all things Apple Watch. However when I checked my watch during the day I noticed a thin but long scratch running from top to bottom of the screen. Hopefully it just hasn't been strong enough so I'll try another kind first before I place an order for that removal liquid to remove the oleophobic coating. I linked some pictures so you can see that the screen looks good now- didn't take a picture of the scratch, sorry, but you can at least see my screen looks pretty good! You scratching your watch is not a defect. I was astonished how well it worked! Toothpaste has very fine abrasives in it so you aren't filling the scratches, you're removing material from around them to bring the average height of the material down to the bottom of the scratch. yesterday I wore a long sleeve wool shirt all day long and was as always extremely cautious not to hit anything with my wrist. I read through the "piece of text" and chose to reply because I disagreed with your statement. Or are you suggesting that your watch just spontaneously produced a scratch without you bumping it against something? It's a bad idea, since the coating is actually attempting to prevent scratches in the first place. This is actually irrelevant if the scratch is within the oleophobic coating, as the sapphire crystal on the SS models is also covered with this coating. Step 1: Wipe The Screen With Lysol wipes And Fabric Cloth. However when I checked my watch during the day I noticed a thin but long scratch running from top to bottom of the screen. You are using an out of date browser. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The friction softens the eraser and it fills in the scratch. The idea behind toothpaste being used to remove scratches is that you end up using the toothpaste as an abrasive polishing compound. But I won't eat my words and I do blame the product for being of weaker quality than other watches. I disagree that your watch has a defect. This is exactly I have Sapphire on all my watches... You should have went Stainless version if you were that worried about scratches. The Internet will tell you to make the baking soda mixture and then gently apply it to the screen, rubbing it in a circular motion. However, there are also scratches, the deep ones, which only the pros can address. Can you remove scratches from your smartphone screen like note 7 glass with toothpaste or baking soda ? Toothpaste will round out the scratch depending on its depth - if it's in the top coating, it will be gone; if it's in the glass, it will become less visible. First of all: op - next time you post something like this do yourself a favour and don't blame the watch for you damaging it, then you wont get the cavalry above coming in attacking you. Your watch will be much easier to scratch once this coating is sanded off. The World’, ‘Shadow Gangs’, and Today’s Other New Releases and Sales, JoyCity Opens Pre-Registration for its MMORPG, ‘Bless Mobile’, An Interview With Feral Interactive on Bringing Games to iOS, a Potential ‘Alien: Isolation’ Port, Mobile Game Pricing, Working With Nintendo Switch, and More, ‘Fantasian’ from Mistwalker Gets a New Screenshot Ahead of Its 2021 Release Date on Apple Arcade, Out Now: ‘Erica – Interactive Thriller’, ‘Neon Beats’, ‘Yankai’s Diamond’, ‘Picnic Penguin’, ‘Onmyoji: The Card Game’, ‘Basketball vs Zombies’, ‘The Pillar’ and More. A quality item in this category simply should not scratch so easily. As someone mentioned, this coating (along with any scratches) can be removed entirely and a number of members have done this. 2. Well he didn't provide a picture, so no one knows how deep the scratch is. Remove the band Apple Watch using the two buttons on the underside of the casing. For better results, you can use a nail when rubbing. Is It Possible to Remove Car Scratches with Toothpaste? I never said that. Firstly wipe the whole screen with Lysol wipes and slowly rub it with a circular motion for a few minutes. Quality assurance is the process in manufacturing that checks to see that a product is manufactured according to the specifications that it was designed to, and ultimately leaves the factory defect free. And I know I'm not the only one with this issue.. I was waiting for the "magical scratch out of nowhere" comment. It's a bad idea, since the coating is actually attempting to prevent scratches in the first place. which leads me to my next question... where did you get the watch band? This is a commonly used trick among watch collectors; toothpaste can remove or reduce the appearance of small scratches on watch crystals. Worked a treat. Why didn't you go with the stainless steel version? [MUSIC] Any kind of stainless steel jewelry will eventually collect scratches. I read of a few people saying they iPhone's caught fingerprints much more easily after having removed it, and also that the screen was even worse in sunlight than usual. It doesn't "remove scratches" but rather sands down whatever you are polishing. You said you were disappointed with Apple's "quality assurance". After this, wipe your screen with a slightly dampened cloth to remove any excess toothpaste. If the scratch it too deep, or if your watch crystal contains a crack, you might want to … Baking soda. That's how it removes plaque from your teeth. The fact that you don't recall "how" you scratched it doesn't mean that you didn't scratch it. Question though, how is the screen after the oleophobic coating has been removed? Squeeze a bit of the toothpaste onto the watch face. Toothpaste maybe a CD’s best friend but it will end up being your smartphone screen’s worst nightmare. I wouldn't recommend doing this unless you want to fuck up the oleophobic coating on the screen. I went online and found an article that says toothpaste can help with minor scratches, needless to say I was skeptical- but I thought 'what can it hurt?'. Rose gold :) and my boyfriend bought it for me on Amazon - it was only like $30, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The screen on the sport version will scratch eventually, So disappointed with Apple's quality assurance on this product. Use narrow masking tape to cover up the bezel of the watch to prevent damage. Quality assurance problems result in defects. So, I rubbed toothpaste over the long scratches, waited around 30 seconds, then rubbed it off using a damp tissue. Then choose a polish appropriate to your type of watch crystal and buff the scratches out in a matter of minutes. Thanks, I'll look into that. And the Apple Watch is no exception. While I personally don't have scratches within this coating on my SS, several SS owners have reported getting them. In short, never ever use toothpaste to remove scratches off smartphone screens. You just woke up and found two large scratches? ‘Exos Heroes’ Prepares to Launch its Third Season with Blooded Rhapsody, Cinematic Visual Novel ‘Necrobarista’ on Apple Arcade Just Got Updated to Bring in the First Free Narrative Expansion, Episode Nine of The Chinese Room’s ‘Little Orpheus’ on Apple Arcade Coming Tomorrow, SwitchArcade Round-Up: ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. Many toothpastes are mildly abrasive. Traditional watches do not have this coating as there's no reason to touch their screens. This is yet another interesting old school method that is used to remove scratches … It's obvious something has happened - maybe I've had a little sand corn on the sleeve of my shirt, which in turn was covered in my jacket sleeve all day long. Yet you have the Nixon Regent that lists for $1,200? I have no idea how it disappeared. so on another note... is that the gold AWS or the rose gold AWS? In other words, the fine grit of toothpaste should help remove very small scratches by rounding off the edges making them less noticeable. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to remove car scratches with toothpaste. The Apple Watch's screen shouldn't break easily because the glass is strengthened. Wash and dry your car thoroughly I used toothpaste to get the antenna lines back to white on my iPhone 6. Be sure you are using the real toothpaste and not gel-based type. I have the black sports watch. Pictures, discussion, rumours, news, watchOS, hardware, and more about the company out of Cupertino. But the issue you face here is the polish needs to remove a fine layer of the surface so if the surface is anodized aluminum you will in effect be taking off the thin layer of the anodized finish. That's how it removes plaque from your teeth. Dry the screen entirely with fabric cloth. Toothpaste contains abrasives. Toothpaste contains abrasives. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The method is very simple; just polish... Professional polish. I can still slightly feel it if I search for it with my finger. If the scratch is within the oleophobic coating then that's not indicative of a weaker quality. Eventually, with enough scratches, your watch could start to look a little dull. And I'm sure Apple is equally disappointed that you didn't take better care of their product. Afterward, you might notice that your screen is shinier, but chances are that the scratches will most likely remain. The best way to answer this question, we believe, is to show you how it works. I have no idea what happened. You might have heard that you can use your everyday toothpaste to eliminate these common scratches. I'm worried too. I read it, and not seeing where there is a watch "quality problem". Simply rub the scratch left and right with the eraser for about 60 seconds, and then rub it up and down for 60 seconds. This is a watch that is designed to be worn on peoples wrist for every-day use and it is a fashion object. It doesn't "remove scratches" but rather sands down whatever you are polishing. Remove Common Screen Scratches. I have scratched myself before and not realized how I did it, but looked down and I was bleeding. As such, they can be used to smooth the surfaces of soft materials. … Gently rub the cotton swab or cloth in circular motions on the screen until you see the scratch go away. Next up, get your pre-treated cloth or a cloth with some polish on and start wiping slowly and firmly. Press J to jump to the feed. Be careful with this method, … This application had been very popular in connection with CD’s. I believe that it was manufactured the way Apple intended and therefore not the result of a quality assurance problem. Where the quality part comes in is when something so minor can scratch up my watch, which practically makes it impossible to take good care of it. There are a few Providers for polish. Wait a … I have absolutely no idea how that works, but it really did work! ... 7TECH- Original Nano Liquid Glass Screen Protector, with Scratch Resistant 9H, for All Smartphones, Tablets, Watches Glasses, Nano Coating-for iPhone 6, 7, 7 Plus 8 X Xs Xr, Max,11, for up to 3 smartphones. First, determine what type of crystal your watch contains. The problem you face here is how deep is the scratch. Hefty price tag but I will do that on the next watch they release. I tried with 2 different kinds of toothpaste but unfortunately no luck. Here's how: Inspect the watch under bright light to locate the scratches. Apple Watch scratch – how you can get rid of them Toothpaste test:. JavaScript is disabled. I have the black sports watch. Toothpaste should already be … Nice work, Apple. Lets find it out.

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