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Plan a road trip to see some of Scotland's most awesome sights. The 25 most important cities on Route 66 212 Total Shares. North Coast 500 & Islands - 6 days. Homepage. North Coast 500 (NC500) Located right up in the North of Scotland, the NC500 is most likely the road trip you’ve been told about. Experience Scotland's answer to Route 66 on our scenic self-drive tour of the North Coast of Scotland. A carefully designed itinerary, travelling the North Coast 500 driving route – covering more than 500 miles of the best coastal scenery the North Highlands has to offer, but within a leisurely week’s holiday. ... Two months ago, Scotland launched its answer to Route 66 – NC500 (aka the North Coast 500). Your email address will not be published. We are delighted to provide self-drive rental packages and chauffeur driven tours for the North Coast 500. Kapka Kassabova gets her kicks from wild beaches, high passes and spooky ruins It follows a sweeping loop around the whole northern tip of Scotland; from Inverness all the way to John O’Groats in the north east, along jagged coastline overlooking the North Sea to Durness, then down the west coast before returning inland at the Applecross peninsula. The new North Coast 500 road trip is Scotland’s answer to America’s Route 66. News Politics World ... Scotland’s answer to Route 66 is quintessentially Scottish. The Scottish Highlands touring route has been named one of the top coast roads in the world! When touring Scotland by car (or camper or bike), your route can vary in length; trips can be as short or as long as you like. In some ways they are similar in that they are great routes for a road trip and both offer some great scenery and attractions along the way. Because up north in the Scottish Highlands there is a popular road trip route already established.. Starting from Inverness, it follows a series of A-roads via Applecross, Kinlochewe, Ullapool, Durness, John O’Groats, Wick and back to Inverness. Suggestions for a 'Deep South' road trip; Suggestions for a Great Lakes Road Trip; What are safety concerns and precautions when experiencing nature in North America? Scotland’s version of Route 66 voted one of the world’s top five coastal drives. The NC500 runs all over the Norther Highlands along the coast. They say the North Coast 500 (NC500) is Scotland’s answer to Route 66, the famous Californian route and is backed by many as one of the most beautiful drives in the world. In farthest reaches of Scotland, the North Coast 500 winds through a remote coastline swept with Caribbean blue beaches, high moors blanketed in heather, and bewitching castles. Route 66 is iconic. The North Coast 500 is Scotland’s answer to route 66 and one of the most beautiful coastal touring routes in the world (well, we think so, anyway!). If you are planning to complete Scotland’s answer to Route 66, the North Coast 500, next year, then you might want to consider signing up for membership of the route now to support businesses along the route through the months ahead. The land of the Scots – perfect for a little road trip! Travel Insurance: Everything you need to know, Road trip Itinerary on the North Coast 500, Stage 1 Inverness – Applecross – Torridon, Recommendations for driving on the North Coast 500, Recommendations with accommodation and wild camping. The Scottish Highlands touring route has been named one of the top coast roads in the world! The North Coast 500 is a circular road-trip route in the north of Scotland. Top was Cape Overberg in South Africa, followed by the Amalfi Coast in Italy, the Atlantic Road in Norway,the Pacific Coast Highway in America, our North Coast 500 and finally the Coral Coast in Australia. The North Coast 500 provides a 500-mile electric circuit of recharging stations and we truly believe in the magic it offers any road trip. Find route details, sights & stunning photos. Portugal. Earlier this year some good friends told us about the North Coast 500 route, a suggested coastal road trip of more than 500 miles around Scotland’s north coast which begins and ends in Inverness. Monday 06 April 2020 . All pretty great countries but pretty far away too. Argyll Coastal Route. The North Coast 500 is a very scenic route that is known as “The Route 66 in Scotland”. Scotland’s Route 66 – The North Coast 500! Sound like just the adventure you've been searching for? The Scottish Route 66: The North Coast 500 road trip 9 Mins As American as the fourth of July, the road trip is a proper institution across the pond; a rite of passage and the subject of countless movies. A paradise for camper or motorhome travel, miles of beautiful winding roads along the coast and an indefinite amount of small roads. “There really is nothing quite like the open road,” says Mike Cantlay, Chairman of VisitScotland, “and whether by car, motorbike or bicycle, this particular route really does take in some of the most picturesque parts of our beautiful country. Do I need to book hotels ahead or can I book hotels as I travel? “Scotland's answer to Route 66.” That is the pitch for the Scottish tourist board's latest attempt to tempt visitors to the Highlands: North Coast 500. You could easily spend a week or two touring a large area of the country, or explore a region over a weekend. Should I rent an RV to save money on a road trip? Car Rental – £777.50 (15 days – including a one way drop off fee – our road trip also went either side of route 66) Hotels – $623.54 (7 nights on Route 66 at an average $90 per night) Fuel – $178.58 (we did probably around 1000 miles on Route 66. The North Coast 500 (NC 500) was launched by the North Highland Initiative (NHI) as Scotland’s Route 66. Hopefully, you enjoyed your first taste of the North Coast 500 yesterday and are … What should I pack for a road trip in the USA.? Choose this route for – idyllic coastlines, ancient history and delicious seafood. Planning your trip. Scotland's stunning answer to Route 66 is named one of the top coastal road trips in the world - just two months after it was launched The 500-mile … The Scottish Highlands are synonymous with untouched wilderness and when it comes to awesome scenery the Nor… Dornoch to Wick. Have a look at the North Coast 500 website for an interactive map of the route and more details. The North Coast 500, which only opened a couple of months ago, was named fifth in a list of ‘six of the best’ coast road trips on the planet by Now Travel magazine. The Intel. Nothing beats the freedom of exploring a new place on your own personalised road trip. Route 66 itinerary day by day; ... Scotland 15-day Road Trip Itinerary + MAP 1K Total Shares. The inspired rebranding of a road system that had existed for decades as Scotland’s version of Route 66 is a 516-mile loop that starts at Inverness, heads west to … Prepare your Route 66 road trip. What is the North Coast 500? Explore intel scotland road trip road trips 2019. Scotland’s North Coast 500 Credit: PW42/ Shutterstock. Here at Scotlands Route 66 we know there is going to be a lot to take in whilst planning a trip round the route so we have tried to break things down a little bit for you and hope Read more Absolutely fantastic route, lovely roads and lovely people. Hit the open road and experience Scotland’s iconic landscapes in the car everyone’s talking about. But you can enjoy a coastal route to rival any on the planet right here in Scotland. “People travel from all over the world for Route 66, and with our scenery, there’s no reason why the North Coast 500 can’t prove to be just as popular.”. by Hannah Stuart-Leach . The North Coast 500! Argyll Coastal Route: the best Scottish road trip for classic road trip lovers. Route 66 was one of the United State's first continuous stretches of paved highway, and served as a major path for those who migrated west. The North Coast 500, which only opened a couple of months ago, was named fifth in a list of ‘six of the best’ coast road trips on the planet by Now Travel magazine. Portugal, The 10 best beaches in the Algarve. Discover the North Coast 500, 'Scotland's Route 66' - named one of the top coastal road trips in the world. Best things to do in Seville (Spain) in a weekend 803 Total Shares. Developed by North Highlands Tourism Initiative, with support from VisitScotland, the NC 500 highlights the accessibility of some of Scotland’s most scenic spots, such as Loch Maree and Achmelvich beach, improving tourism in the Highlands and Wester Ross. A road trip in Scotland allows you to discover some of the most breathtaking scenery in the UK. Bringing together just over 500 miles of stunning coastal scenery, the route follows the main roads along the coastal edges of the North Highlands. "The Mother Road" was established on November 11, 1926, and ultimately stretched 2,448 miles from Chicago to Los Angeles. From its beginning in Chicago, Route 66 headed south through Illinois and Missouri, and a small section of southeast Kansas. Road trip Scotland: what you can experience on a tour of Scotland! Starting in Inverness, the NC500 follows the A835 up to Ullapool, before curving up the rugged west coast and looping back over the northern points of Durness, Tongue and John O’Groats. Route 66 15-day itinerary. Política de Afiliados. Best Scottish road trip for: castle-spotters, trendy travellers and … When you think of a road trip you probably think of countries like Canada, New Zealand or Australia. Enter your postcode below (with a space) and click "Find" to search for your local stockist. From there the route returns to Inverness down the A9. Experience the best of Scottish scenery and hospitality with a solo road trip around the North Coast 500, a 500+ mile loop around the northern part of the country.This route will take you from the city of Inverness through six distinct regions filled with breathtaking views, romantic castles, and a historic sense of community. about The 10 best beaches in the Algarve. It’s a circular route that starts at Inverness and it can be done clockwise, as we’ve done or you can do it the other way around. North Coast 500. “There really is nothing quite like the open road…”. Another one of the best … nverness Classic Vehicle Show on May 9, where a group of classic cars set off to drive around it, stopping to take pictures of the iconic viewpoints. Road trip! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,, The North Coast 500, the Route 66 of Scotland has been opened since 2015, to link the beautiful scenery of Northern Scotland. The 500-mile route had its official launch at the Inverness Classic Vehicle Show on May 9, where a group of classic cars set off to drive around it, stopping to take pictures of the iconic viewpoints. Stop off where you like, see what you like and enjoy the route at your own pace – the perfect holiday! Scotland's Road Trips. How to take the ultimate Scotland road trip. Monday 06 April 2020 Scotland's answer to America's Route 66, the North Coast 500 (NC500) touring route promises to reward those who travel it with a superlative Scottish experience: from towering mountains and mysterious lochs, to secret beaches and fairy-tale castles. The North Coast 500 is often called “Scotland’s version of Route 66”, especially by mainstream media. Scotland’s answer to America’s legendary Route 66 has swiftly established itself as one of the world’s most iconic driving routes. Otherwise referred to as NC500, The North Coast 500 has been dubbed “Scotland’s Route 66” and is included in Now Travel Magazine’s “Top 5 …

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