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We all have different ways and that’s totally fine. Regular vehicle maintenance can seem like a lot of work, but it will usually save you money in the end. PM A well-orchestrated predictive maintenance program will all but eliminate catastrophic equipment failures. Types of Maintenance Expenses As mentioned above, maintenance expenses depend on the type of asset held. And then consider what tasks you could efficiently and cost-effectively do to mitigate the failure modes you identified. Because they do overlap. Hi Erik, firstly thank you for this simplified theoretical maintenance strategy. This is one of those maintenance free batteries as mentioned above. The cause will vary from wrong operational, equipment failure, and many more. 3- Long lead delivery spare part vs CM. Whether you need to fix a locked steering wheel, repair your car's air conditioner, or remedy some other automotive issue, our helpful guides can show you the way! Vehicle maintenance schedule is helpful in saving money and increasing the life of the vehicle. Failure Finding Maintenance tasks are aimed at detecting hidden failures typically associated with protective functions. With regular maintenance to replace worn parts, your engine can continue to run smoothly and you can avoid costly engine repairs down the line. But obviously, and as you have explained, I suspected the maintenance tasks are more complicated than this. Scheduling maintenance services through your dealer may be … As long as we can sensibly talk about the underlying principles. Can I know what is the suitable type and strategies of maintenance for heritage building? For failure modes where the P-F interval shows a large variability, condition monitoring is not an effective strategy. This is the glance to the shoe leading to the potential decision to polish it. Up until recently when people spoke about Predictive Maintenance (PDM) this was essentially as a synonym for Condition Based Maintenance. (Some prefer to use antiseize lubricant with new spark plugs, but it's not necessarily required and some spark plug manufacturers recommend not using it.) It was very informative. Air filters, as the name suggests, filter dirt and debris from entering through the air intake system. Hi Erick Oil and Oil Filter Your oil and oil filter need to be changed regularly, because as an engine runs, tiny bits of metal, dirt, and carbon end up in the oil and can cause excessive wear on the engine. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Thanks for the detailed description of maintenance. What are the world class targets for MTBF and MTTR? I prefer to use the distinction of reactive vs proactive more around the overall maintenance culture rather than maintenance tasks. If you've found this article helpful and would like to get your own PDF copy of the article and a supporting presentation that explains the different types of maintenance and when to use them simply click on the link below and leave your details: And frequently asked question is ‘what is breakdown maintenance’ and as it’s not in my explanation I thought I’d just covered it here briefly. The issue is though that most people think of the traditional Time-Based Maintenance when they talk about Preventive Maintenance. Changing wiper blades will vary from brand to brand, but they all have a simple clasp mechanism with a sliding lock or a button to press to release. At least, the way I see it: There are 9 Types of Maintenance split between Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance. You should also know which type of motor oil is best for your car, regardless of whether you change the oil yourself or take it to a service center. If the failure is not detected and mitigated, it continues until a functional failure occurs (point “F”). Emergency Maintenance is corrective maintenance that is so urgent that it breaks into your Frozen Weekly Schedule (you do have one don’t you?). In my opinion, Maintenance are of only 2 types namely – Planned & Unplanned. Lube oil change out on a turbine with thousands of litres of oil is often best done on condition to ensure you get maximum life out of the oil. From trending you could predict. Predictive maintenance I. I have confused about preventive maintenance and which better: renewal or replacement of complex assets. As you say, they correspond to a decision, a strategy adopted, or as some books state, an evolution to “reactive” to “proactive”. Instead, I would suggest you look for reliability, availability or OEE benchmarks in your industry. Not including tire rotation in our motor vehicle maintenance schedule may lead to issues that you are not aware of until you notice that your car's ride is not as smooth as it use to be. To keep these in tip-top condition, your vehicle will have a list of good maintenance best practices, developed by the manufacturer and described in your Owner’s Manual (OM). I appreciate your great efforts and informative articles and I’m interested in reliability ( specially RCM ) and maintenance scheduling so I’m asking about the planning of preventive maintenance activities. I have a different view on this. and how the interval between the tasks is determined. Your car is essential in your daily life. Car Maintenance. could you please send me the book, the research paper, or the reference of your writing about types of maintenance and selecting the best strategy, I need to read about it more, so that i can cite it in my research … regards. If we can get them to stop breaking it, we won’t have to fix it as often. before or after failure. For the next lines, please allow me to consider that the plant maintenance is part of safety matter due to the true goal is to preserve an asset from failure and decline (of course at the end to ensure business continuity). That is when we achieve reliability. Takes many glances before a polish is performed, usually ! Some occasions when we found wear parts (the machine is still okay to run). Includes call outs for stupid faults. When it comes time to get a car service in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and surrounding areas, there are several types of service you can choose from if you?re no longer following your log book service schedule.In this article, we’ll look at four different levels of service you can go for so you can decide which is the most appropriate choice for you. Great awareness, enlightening and knowledgeable article. Pop the hood, remove the power connector from the rear of the headlight, remove the dust cover and remove the clip that holds the bulb in place (if there is a clip). So although a run-to-failure strategy can be a good option, make sure you decide wisely. Periodic maintenance of a motor vehicle. This is why the “time-based” maintenance is weak. Otherwise there are no garanty to remain preventive. Some people thrive in this type of environment and often get heralded as heroes when they’ve worked 16hrs non-stop to get production back online. A car’s maintenance costs may top out, or it could be that drivers scrap their cars once maintenance costs trump the car’s value. A car’s maintenance costs may top out, or it could be that drivers scrap their cars once maintenance costs trump the car’s value. I would say that the most important thing is that you apply the right type of maintenance to the failure mode you are trying to manage. etc. Also, take note of the required gap. Thanks for your comment Alex. As the name suggests, a car filter is there to filter the physical elements that are present in the gases or fluids entering the vehicle or passing through the internal parts, such as oil and fuel filters.. hello sir Preventive maintenance is the most popular type of proactive maintenance. The good point you mentioned it. Too much air in the tires can cause a stiff, bouncy ride, and the center of the tires will wear more quickly. When most people talk about preventive maintenance they really mean Time Based Maintenance which is a repair or replacement on a fixed interval irrespective of the condition of the equipment. Please keep your good job and you are already making huge difference. For an aircon system you would probably use time-based maintenance to replace filter elements. It's recommended to replace wiper blades once or twice per year, depending on how extreme the weather is. Hi Erik, Hi Hazim, try turning that question around: what failures may lead to those motors not being available when you need them? Or, that it’s simply not worth the effort to assess the condition and a time based replacement is more economical and still (reasonably) effective. It is just my way of doing things. This is because this type of maintenance does not go through the full maintenance planning & scheduling process because it's so urgent and it's simply planned on the fly. Hi ghassan, I wrote this based on my own industry experience, but there are actually a couple of international standards that cover this and where most of the industry terminology comes from. Performing Oil Maintenance On Your Vehicle. We do all predictive, fault finding to avoid Unplanned maintenance. There are also some other types of maintenance; i.e. Fixing a blown fuse is one of the easiest repairs you can do yourself. A burned-out headlight or taillight could get you pulled over and a ticket for faulty equipment. Hi Jacob, thank you for your comment. As opposed to intervention where something is “made” to the equipment to restore its function, here nothing is made but the condition regarding a function is checked or assessed. 3. From inside your car, turn on the lights and check to make sure your new headlight is working. They do not represent a mathematical “partition” of all the maintenance tasks. The oil needs to be changed regularly. When it comes to determining how often to do your preventive maintenance tasks comparing reliability vs costs can be a good approach, just be very careful with the data you use. Car Maintenance. And I think I was wrong. thank you. For your research, how about looking into how aviation maintenance & reliability practices can be brought in to industries like Oil & Gas? Once per month, you should check the levels of: brake fluid, engine oil, power steering fluid and transmission fluid. Types of Auto Mechanics. Changing spark plugs is a little more involved than checking fluids or replacing an air filter, but it can still be done at home quite easily. I prefer to keep the planned and unplanned distinction for (corrective) maintenance to identify those maintenance tasks that have not been planned i.e. The major distinction is between mechanics who service and repair a vehicle's mechanical and electrical components and those who repair vehicle body parts. 7 Emergency Corrective Maintenance (ECM) covers any maintenance task from any of the methods of finding is of a mission critical nature or life preserving that just needs to be fixed right now. Viktor, Hi Viktor, yes the notion that time-based maintenance is the best solutions remains wide-spread. Changing maintenance strategy is my next goal. It is important to realise that in many industries companies do have to complete certain tasks to meet regulatory compliance requirements and these would typically be executed on a fixed time interval i.e. “Monitoring” often has the connotation of something made continuously (which is not necessarily the case here), and also can give the impression there will be some physical monitor (screen) involved, which is not the case either. By keeping your used car in a mint condition, you will get a good resale value which would make things simple and easy for you to get a new car. Neither. To replace spark plugs, first let the engine temperature cool. Types of Car Servicing – Interim Service & Full Service ... An interim service is basically an oil change with some additional checks and basic maintenance included, such as checks for worn tyres, faulty lights and leaking hoses. after so many hours of service a component is overhauled = restored. While every make and model has its own nuances, every vehicle has basic maintenance needs. These are the 2 types which I am concerned about. Since several years ago, we have been introduced with (Process Safety) Asset Integrity Management System on which maintenance management is one of its tools. For those who have not found the Road To Reliability community please do so. It will be worth your time. Because it easier to note number of breakdown in one week, we use this for our maintenance priority. Think pressure safety valves, trip transmitters and the like. Maintaining a car can be expensive and time-consuming. Sure way to safety and cost saving. Hi Tom, If during a PM you find a defect that will eventually lead to a failure then I would consider correcting that defect still a PM as you are still preventing the failure from occurring. You never cease to provide a wealth of knowledge. For example greasing a door latch could be performed either once a door ceased to function (one cannot or cannot with sufficient ease slam it), i.e. A safety service involves replacing your engine oil, replacing your oil filter, checking under your bonnet, topping up fluids, inspecting belts and hoses and testing the battery. Thanks for your article. no significant impact on safety or the environment) and preventing failure is either not economical or not possible. A car needs more than gasoline considering it has to be in optimal mechanical condition and … Learn basic car maintenance, touch up your car paint, and make other quick fixes with wikiHow's Car Maintenance and Repair category! It may be useful to refer back to Terminology: used n the context of Maintenance Contracts if not actually practised reference may be made to European Standard publication CEN 13306:2017 (E/F/D) “Maintenance: Maintenance Terminology” for clarification purposes. Below is the List of 11 Excellent Car Maintenance Tips. So all work and costs associated with preventing failures are PM costs. I fully agree with what you state here. It involves other skills. As such it is a type of preventive maintenance. Performing routine maintenance on your car is the single most important thing you can do to help ensure it continues to get you from point A to point B for years to come without constant major repairs. So for example you would use failure finding maintenance to test your building fire and smoke detectors on a regular basis. The advantages of predictive maintenance are many. WhatsApp. For example, how does manpower, maintenance budget, duration to complete the task, competency, location, techs / tools, the right task, can influence each maintenance type? Hope you don’t mind to give a simple illustration on this. All you PM’s are proactive in my view and where you have accepted a run to failure strategy I would even consider the resulting CM’s proactive as you have made a deliberate choice to allow that failure to happen (i.e. That means that Emergency Maintenance is usually not well planned (prepared) and therefore is highly inefficiency and expensive (typically at least 3 - 5 times as expensive as well planned preventive maintenance). Regards, Hello, please I want to know the various maintenance aids. The following guidelines are the approximate intervals many car manufacturers suggest auto maintenance service be performed. In our site (food & beverage company), we use PM (Preventive Maintenance), CM (Corrective Maintenance), and BD (Breakdown Maintenance). Still exact same task, same series of steps. If you spend any time reading about industry trends, you’ll know that predictive maintenance is getting more popular every day. Wrench time is basically the time your technicians are doing actual maintenance tasks so that excludes travel time, waiting time, time spent looking for parts and materials, time spent waiting for permits, time spent on breaks or meetings etc. April showers bring May flowers, but also act as an important reminder that it's time for essential spring car maintenance. How to Choose the Right Maintenance Strategy, Add a header to begin generating the table of contents, 9 Types of Maintenance: From Preventive Maintenance to Corrective Maintenance and Everything in Between. The purpose of Time Based Maintenance is to protect yourself against the failure of known wearing parts which have predictable Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) i.e. My question is that some time maker are recommend that after some time (every 20000 hours we have to change the oil ), but when we did our oil test analysis we found that oil is in good condition. 2. And it is less safe. And how to use it. Predictive Maintenance really is a type of Preventive Maintenance as they both see you conducting maintenance before the failure has occurred. hi erik. If you want to read more about prioritisation of corrective maintenance have a look at the article You Will Fail Without Planning & Scheduling. I have the following questions; Inadequate equipment maintenance will impact to safety also, maintenance members and others. Interesting read, some great points made and clear benefits to use of Preventive Maintenance although I believe it is more labour intensive with more frequent checks resulting in higher costs to run. The desired uptime target would depend on equipment, industry and what drives value for your business. Obviously TBM has an important part to play in any maintenance strategy and this is getting pushed out by the penny pinchers. The original poor or unknowledgeable maintainer would find himself in the reactive one, enduring failures that need to be repaired. Maintenance: Still, the distributor remains, which is subject to wear and tear and will require replacement, adding to repair costs. It is what you do when you are lazy in your personal life, or “want to optimize” maintenance in your professional life. Find expert advice on topics like how to recharge a car air conditioner and remove rust from a car. If one wanted to list out all maintenance tasks for a particular equipment, he would not be able to put 2 different lists. Hii,Sir,good definition about maintenance, In the real life we have to asses all aspect that contribute to the business success provided with operational and safety excellence. It can be continuous or not, can involve a tool/ device or not. Most failure modes are not age related. The basic maintenance of a combustion engine is getting your oil changed. The only exception would be Emergency Maintenance, which due to its very nature of requiring immediate attention cannot be scheduled. I had implemented in several organizations Plant Maintenance models and support them with Work Management tools. Second is about Surveillance / monitoring tasks There are a lot of (very large) companies actively moving into this space and it is certainly a fast-moving and exciting part of our discipline as Maintenance & Reliability professionals. © 2017-2021 ROAD to RELIABILITY™. Involves no surveillance. every 150 cycles, every 10,000hrs or like your car: service every 10,000km. If you need to release air from the tires, use a pressure gauge with a pressure release trigger or use a flathead screwdriver to press on the pin in the middle of the valve stem. Make sure to buy the correct length blades for your car -- some require two different sizes or might require a rear wiper, too. BD Proactive types of maintenance Preventive maintenance. You can pick up a variety pack of fuses from an automotive parts store for a few bucks. Thanks Engr.Erik, This tends to optimize maintenance because it is based on solid and knowledgeable observation of a condition, and interventions which are usually expensive tend to be minimized. prepared) corrective maintenance where we have had a failure, but still are taking the time to plan the work so we get good efficiency. As a rule of thumb though, you can use this general car maintenance checklist to guide you. Again, refer to the car manual or look up online, the correct type of fluid to use. But, if you are only dealing with 50 liters of oil the time and effort it takes to sample the oil and analyse it probably means it's not worth going condition-based and you simply change that oil out based on a fixed time or fixed number of running hours. Keeping an eye on your tire pressure is also a smart preventive move. Just like air filters in your home can seriously affect the performance of your air conditioning unit, a old and dirty air filter can degrade the performance of your car by blocking air flow. Just a cent from me. The rise of the Hi Rjohanis, it’s the other way around. Release air little by little, checking pressure along the way. Timing: Spark timing is exactly precise, resulting in sluggish acceleration and poor fuel economy. But when it comes to the Road to Reliability it is a dead end. Operational Maintenance Reliability Centered Maintenance Improvement Maintenance (IM) Types of Maintenance (Cont.) Can you explain a bit more what you mean with various maintenance aids? I agree that in many companies penny-pinching is a problem when it comes to maintenance, but I strongly believe that in those same companies maintenance teams do themselves a big disservice by executing a lot of non-value-adding maintenance tasks. Now of course, in the real world we are all constrained with the resources we have, but you first want to determine the maintenance you really need to do and from there determine the required resources (manpower, parts, budget etc.) I would suggest that restorative maintenance is to restore a function that has degraded which in my view would imply an age-related failure mode e.g. Condition Based Maintenance as a strategy therefore looks for physical evidence that a failure is occurring or is about to occur. It's wise to check your fluid levels any time you're under the hood, or at least once per month. However, always refer to the owner's manual, dealer or authorized service professional for the particular service and intervals required. The definition of corrective maintenance with examples. Continue reading to learn the five types of routine car maintenance … Many fuse boxes also come equipped with a fuse removal key, but a pair of needle nose pliers will also do the trick. 1- Preventive maintenance: Equipment is maintained before any fault occur or the equipment to be in working condition. It does not necessarily involves the use of a specific device, could be a simple glance to the wheel wear level, or a manual test of the latch resistance. Vehicle maintenance can increase the lifespan of your vehicle. The added cost of more frequent oil and transmission fluid changes will be offset with fewer breakdowns and serious repairs. But preventive maintenance can also be based on usage e.g. For everything else, this car maintenance guide explains what you should do and why you should do it. Condition monitoring maintenance, simply put, is this maintenance mode where some surveillance is preliminarily performed, with or without device, prior to intervention. People who care their car properly they know how much it helps to extend the service life of a car. Addressing problems at an early stage is likely to cost you significantly less than if they develop into more serious issues. Erik, Different types of car batteries and which is the best one for you. By Mohid Khattak On Jan 2, 2018. Preventive maintenance is the most popular type of proactive maintenance. Whether you should replace or repair/overhaul a complex asset would depend on factors like the cost of repair ve cost of replacement and whether you expect to get the same reliability and life out of a repaired asset vs a new asset. Have you had great results with one specific type of maintenance let us know: Every time we use the preventive maintenance of drilling material and equipement to be really used and avoiid the corrosion . Thanks a lot for useful and very interesting subject about type of maintenance. You may need to pull the fuse to inspect the wire. Preventive maintenance should always be planned (i.e. And if that’s the case for you, you know what to do: get rid of it! If any found error during take data or from data reading, then make work orders, it call good corrective maintenance, what a great work you had done, thanks & keep it up, Great “digestion” on the maintenace field, Hi Erik, Hi Narender, I think we are actually very aligned in that your planned maintenance is the equivalent of my preventive maintenance and your unplanned maintenance is what I would call corrective maintenance. Hi Wirza, that aligns quite well with what I describe. This requires an efficient and effective process for data gathering, data analysis, decision making and finally intervention. If you have a failure mode that is random in nature you would want to opt for a condition-based or predictive maintenance task so that you can see the potential failure coming closer and take action before the failure occurs. Many newer cars use shorter style fuses, which are not compatible with the older style fuses with longer leads. Instead I always like to point out that non-age related failure modes are typically > 70% of the failure modes we need to manage. Starting from weekly, monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly, yearly, 2 year, and so on. It can quickly get confusing when people talk about preventive maintenance, condition based maintenance or predictive maintenance but actually have something else in mind than you do. How you classify your maintenance in your CMMS can help but I would not make this a priority until a lot of other things were in place. Every cylinder will be facing outwards and will be driving a common crankshaft at the base. Condition monitoring only lets you find problems before they become a failure. A good example of this would be adopting Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) for vessel inspections instead of e.g. The importance of car maintenance goes beyond a regular checkup. This is what I call emergency maintenance. Maximum car owner thinks that s/he doesn't have adequate time for a car-maintenance checklist.If we don't take care properly, the car won't take care of us.So please go through our basic car maintenance checklist carefully and enjoy comfortable ride each time you drive your car. Target is to achieve more of planned maintenance. A car needs more than gasoline considering it has to be in optimal mechanical condition and … https://www.chsservices.com/post/the-future-of-maintenance, Hi Erik, Then change spark plugs one at a time by gently removing the wire from the spark plug. When you implement a Risk Based Maintenance process effectively you should have reduced the total risk of failure across your plant in the most economical way. prepared). and you determine the required available resources afterwards. Don’t forget that for a complex asset the overall failure pattern would most likely be random (see my article on the principles of modern maintenance) in which case time-based repair or renewal would not be an effective strategy. Most modern cars have two groups of fuses in panels, one typically found beneath the steering wheel and the other under the hood. A motor vehicle service or tune-up is a series of maintenance procedures carried out at a set time interval or after the vehicle has traveled a certain distance. Time-Based Maintenance refers to replacing or renewing an item to restore its reliability at a fixed time, interval or usage regardless of its condition. That means that under normal operating conditions you will not know whether this equipment is still functional i.e. Where did that phrase come from? Apart from the regular interval approach (time based maintenance) there are also other types of maintenance that fall within the category of preventive maintenance: In the following paragraphs, I will explore each of these types of maintenance in more detail including when you should consider using them. Automated in-bay car washes pull your car along a conveyor belt while machines dispense soap and water. Grasp the bulb housing and gently pull and wiggle until it comes loose. You first determine what maintenance needs to be done i.e. It’s not really in the scope of my current project exactly but after reading your breakdown I wonder if a more elaborate system of recording and dealing with the different maintenance tasks would help efficiency of maintainers. So you take your car in for service and every time, without fail, you're told by the mechanic that you need to replace your air filter. Of course, repairs are inevitable, and some maintenance will require the help of a professional. At that level i.e. The Table below shows a brief summary of: An efficient and effective Preventive Maintenance Program will have a mix of all these different types of maintenance. Preventive maintenance (or preventative maintenance) is basically a type of maintenance that is done at a regular interval while the equipment is still functioning with the objective of preventing failure or reducing the likelihood of failure. Doing so i also discovered, even if this is odd, that those concepts are not always properly defined in academic books, and even in some standards. I know the benchmark targets for availability and OEE, if I were to look at reliability, what measure and target would I look at?

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