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I bought two rolls of Mainstay red and one ball had for nuts in it I do not recommend them to others the yarn feels good but if I have to make knots for a project not good I sell mine I wash mine it would fall apart if you have nots. Do not stretch item or hang to dry. Mainstays Basic Yarn is smooth and soft. K2tog. This time I was surprised to find the shelves mostly empty. . Where can I order mainstay yarn. 15th and 16th rows: Repeat last 2 rows once more. I liked the size and clearness of the measuring bowl. How does it feel knowing that for under $6, you can make an incredibly soft baby blanket with Mainstays Basic Yarn? I love the Mainstay yarn. It also feels much denser than the other skeins to me. We all KNOW and love our Red Heart Super Saver. I prefer the Red Heart Super Saver. I work at Wal-Mart and I had no clue they were getting there own yarn in wait til. Mainstays work pilled and shrank when washed. You are saving $0.91 per skein on the basic colors with the Mainstays brand. I had ventured out to grab a few things and as always, my buggy’s have minds of their own and take me down the yarn isle…. Thanks in advance for your info. 0 Reviews. Ol' Roy. I love the Mainstays value yarn too. Gauge was off with the Mainstays. Price. Ughh. I’ve been so excited to release this for so long now, and I would love to hear from you! I have been using Mainstay yarn and love it and the price is great so I can keep my prices down.. Size US 8 (5 mm) circular knitting needle 36" (91.5 cm) long I live in a very small town and it is hard to get yarn so it would be really nice if they carried it online. I only purchase the Mainstays brand if our Wal-Mart doesn't have a color I'm looking for in the Red Heart brand. But I don't have that problem with the Mainstays Basic Yarn. It's still inexpensive, and there are more color choices. It's a much nicer yarn than the "Mainstays" basic yarn. Jumbo 100% Polyester 32 yards / 227 grams 67 projects. About this yarn Chenille Chunky. These soft, beautiful skeins will only cost you $1.97 each, and at 397 yards per skein, I find the price absolutely mind blowing. Short a skein of Mainstays purple passion variegated yarn for a prayer shawl. I'm on Instagram as @things_of_the_things31. Perfect for all knitting levels from experts to beginners looking to learn how to knit, Mainstays Chunky Chenille Yarn 4 Pack is thickly spun to be easy to use and includes three patterns inside the label. I recently bought several skeins of soft gray heather Mainstays yarn at Walmart for a blanket. Mainstays. Mainstays 31.7 yd. When it was washed it did just fine. Mainstays is a brand marketed by Walmart for its lower-priced lines of bedding, kitchen utensils, ready-to-assemble furniture, and home decor. Mainstays Economical yarn from Walmart~6oz--8oz skeins~4 choices~Save 10% on 2+ | eBay Skip to main content Not sold online Available online Out of stock online. Price. They only had 6 skeins. I bought 2 skeins of the the way it works, as it worked well on the hook...the colors were good n I noticed the shine to it too..will buy more in the future. Proceed in Lace Pat as follows: high five to you, good work! I just had the thought, when reading your comment, that it's awfully strange for there to be that many short pieces of yarn in the center of a skein. Mainstays chenille heathered yarn green 33 yards walmart com opaline pack of 4 multi pastel 100% polyester sweet violet While the company may be focusing on the key phrase “basic” in their name, this yarn is simply too good, too easy to work with, and too soft to the touch not to offer a wider range of colors for us to choose from. I "ball" every skein before each project. Mainstays has products for the interior and exterior of your home and various styles that reflect your individual style. It almost feels like individual colors are produced by multiple manufacturers, and at least one of the manufacturers must be cutting some corners, sad to say. This super bulky yarn is perfect for creating warm blankets, scarves, sweaters, hats, and more. $17.99. They offer bulky yarn, roving yarn, and of course, Mainstays Basic Yarn, a worsted weight acrylic, which we will be discussing in depth today. Walmart yarn isn’t good in my opinion. Add to registry MAINSTAYS LARGE PRINTED BEACH TOWEL -- Canada Red Love Leaf. Price. It's great for the price. Makes me want to try some more colors. At my local WM they can't keep Mainstay in stock. Tumble dry at low heat setting approximately 5 minutes. 7 balls Pass them back onto left-hand needle, then knit through back loops together). I crochet hats for chemo patients of all ages and aware of the bare scalp's sensitivity so this is the perfect solution! I just got off the phone with Walmart online customer service, and they don't carry it online at this point. I always cut out knots found in a skein of yarn. The next blanket I will be making I might be using this yarn to see how it turns out. Karen Johnson, I need 5 skeins of the Purple Passion Varg, and have gone to the walmarts around me and they do not have it, Our walmart now Carrie's 4 colors no varg. Ingredients Corningware® French White 8-pc Set. Read my independent review to see if this new yarn is a good fit for you! Totally agree! Because this yarn is so thick, even large projects can be completed quickly. GAUGE: 20 sts and 23 rows = 4" (10 cm) in Lace Pat WALMART. I am going to wash the finished garments with some salt to try to set the dye (as a mordant) per a little bit of research online about getting odors out. Purl to last 10 sts. ssk. Because this yarn is so thick, even large projects can be completed quickly. Just have yo wait for my Walmart to get more as I bought them out lol. No, it was just a knot in the yarn, thus why she cut it out so that she can properly reconnect it. All that being said, I do like the Mainstays Basic Yarn for amigurumi, but I won't use it in any wearable pieces. Ive never heard of someone cutting "yarn barf". There was not one skein in the 10 that I bought that did not have a knot in it where the yarn had been tied together. Mainstays Home 4 Ply Worsted. I am on my 4th knit blanket, I using 1 1/4" PVC pipe as needles. Easy to care for, this yarn can be machine washed in cold water. I like Mainstay yarn and am on my second and third blankets! Price Price. The yarn has a plush, almost fleece-like quality to it, reminiscent of stuffed, cuddly toys and playthings. I'm sorry to hear that you're not able to find the brand and color that you're looking for, and I don't know at this time if you found any at all, but I am writing to you to let you know that here where I live in Greensboro North Carolina, the Walmart Superstore does carry the Mainstay brand and also in the color that you are looking for not I don't know if they fulfill orders through they store to ship it out but maybe you can check and see, good luck, I would love the info on that Walmart as I am in need of 2 to 3 of the royal in mainstays yarn. I love this yarn. I live near a yarn and fabric mill and the outlet store sells what I consider seconds I find it at Meijer its a store for me in Ohio. WALMART. Which makes me angry! I totally agree with you kudos to you I use to do the hats for the cancer patients too! Walmart has released their own line of yarn called Mainstays yarn. Nice review, though I disagree with your statement that it is thinner - at least with the two skeins I have worked with (one white, one bright blue) it is actually thicker and plumper than RHSS I worked with (in Spring Green and Turqua). I have a small business and orders to fill.. Not sold online Available online Out of stock online. A skein of Red Heart Super Saver is $2.88 and the price of the Mainstays Basic Yarn is $1.97, so the obvious difference is the financial aspect. She cut ut out and joined the ends in---a knot. When I first started knitting 12 years ago, I picked up a skein of the main stay, it noticed they discontinued it over a year later. It was so difficult to work up. I just finished knitting a double sized blanket with the Mainstays Chenille yarn. Red Heart stayed true to size with no pilling. Love that it is so soft. I hope it will become available here soon. May have to drive to Michigan too. It is nice to be a little kid). That could just be me though. Approx 50" by 58" (127 X 147.5 cm) yo. In the last few years, they have also begun to offer their own spin (ha!) I've had a similar situation with another brand of yarn also purchased at WalMart. June 23, 2018 / Is Walmart’s Mainstays Basic Yarn comparable to Red Heart Super Saver? I love that it is 100% acrylic and machine wash and dry. I know Red Heart has new colors coming out so they clearanced alot of theirs.. We need to know so we can go find another place to purchase our yarn that we need.. I will have to look for it the next time I go in. If all of their yarn is wrapped in bits and pieces, I would be hesitant to buy a large quantity. Ingredients Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer with Snap-on Case 62620C. I agree with you. I need a skein if the light grey heather so badly. Skip to main I'm hoping that it will do the trick and that the dyes used don't contain toxins like lead or something. Find great deals for Mainstays Economical yarn from Walmart~ 8 oz skeins~ 3 choices~Save 10% on 2+. I agree that in most cases it is a very economical and satisfactory new product for those of us who are in the market for an inexpensive mass produced yarn. When I had FIVE knots in a single skein of RHSS I called the company and they informed me that 'one knot is the industry standard'. lol Thanks! I love this yarn. Interior Décor. The yarn starts to go fuzzy while crocheting , I will not use it anymore myself. I also developed a weird rash around my neck that at first I attributed to a new retinol cream. As of today, I pixked up 8 skeins at the walmart in Franklin IN (30 minutes south of indy). I hope that helps :), I was very happy when I found this yarn. I can't find any Mainstay yarn anywhere near where i live.. Mainstays (Walmart) yarn has different manufacturer? I can’t find any in upstate SC since COVID. I bought the chenille yarn eight skeins and all had knots in each. I won't be using Mainstays anymore. They didn't have it listed on their either. This super bulky yarn is perfect for creating warm blankets, scarves, sweaters, hats, and more. How much did you have to buy for the twin size blanket? Or even as a "muslin" to try out new patterns. Article by ChristaCoDesign | Free Crochet + Knit Patterns. I know it's not the best yarn but I think it is softer than Red Heart Super Saver. My favorite yarn, so far is caron simply soft. But was only looking for cotton yarn. Yeah, you can seriously tell I’m loving this yarn. It has only been the one skein the others I have used are fine but it's very disappointing making a blanket and keep getting a knot, I tried it and like it may change better than Red Heart because it's waaay softer. in Lace Pat until work from beg measures approx 56" (142.5 cm), ending on a 16th row. I really love working with Mainstays yarn, too. 4.3 out of 5 stars 48. Mainstays 80 yd. 3rd to 12th rows: Rep last 2 rows 5 times more. LOVE IT! Nowhere to be found. Cast on 249 stitches. Do not stretch item or hang to dry. increments. 85 Buy Mainstays Basic Yarn, 397 Yd. Mainstays. In the meantime I hope to pick up some stress relief gloves to provide some protection and relief from the exposure to the yarn and keep plugging away. Less money, less quality? We all love WalMart for the ease of returning or exchanging something, but it can also be a problem as well. Improved Softness; Colorfast; Shrink-Proof; No Dye Lot; Machine Washable & Dryable; Free pattern and care instructions on reverse side of label: Machine Washing & Drying. 1032 Reviews. WALMART. And see what I mean? and highest is 7 pounds. Bath towels available online on at everyday low prices. Mainstays Basic Yarn has a solid feel that you experience in more expensive yarns, and I appreciate that greatly. I am working on one with the pink (Blush). Red Heart; Bernat; HomeModa … Wal-Mart here in Lexington, KY only has gray and white. The next time you’re at your local Walmart, swing by the yarn isle and check out the worsted weight acrylics. So let’s talk durability, and pilling. Perfect for all knitting levels from experts to beginners looking to learn how to knit, Mainstays Chunky Chenille Yarn 4 Pack is thickly spun to be easy to use and includes three patterns inside the label. This is the same weight as Super Saver, but with a few more yards, indicating that Mainstays yarn is just slightly thinner than Super Saver (even though they are both worsted weight). At the time, I suspected someone had bought the yarn and returned it ... after perhaps using some, but not enough of it to be noticeable. If I remember, I'll let you know how washing with added salt works out. Probably because I purchased it all. I have to assume that it wasn't just "a knot" she encountered, but what we sometimes delicately call "yarn barf". The yarn was bought before I left to go on the road with my husband and he is an otr truck driver. when they are over stocked i might get back into the hats they work up fast and are easy to carry around and this yarn is great for that too! Products at Walmart. Please let me know. There aren't as many colors as red heart but the softness and price is a definite appeal. Kudos to WallMart for a great product! after compairing prices and colors that was requested to make the blanket, I decided to go with the mainstay, mostly for the price, which was extremely affordable, some would say cheap... LOL but I prefer to use the word affordable compared to the others. Account & Lists ... clootess Chenille Chunky Yarn Bulky Big Roving for Hand Made Knitted DIY Sofa Bed Throw Blankets Gray 2.8 lbs. Solid Colors are 7 oz (198.4g) with 397 yards (363m) Variegated Colors are 5 oz (141.7g) with 285 yards (260m) You may need to adjust the yarn’s information on your stash page when you enter your yarn. Have bought and used the mainstays chunky yarn.Loved it when I bought and finished making a twin size blanket for my daughter.The problem is,it does not fit in the washer so you will have to take it to a laundromat with a large washer.Got it half in my washer while the water was filling and could not fit it.Called my husband to help get it back out because it was way to heavy to lift back out by myself.Took about 4 days left on the deck to dry out as it would not dry in the dryer. Walmart really needs to fix their buggys. 0 Reviews . 99. Super bulky yarn with excellent stitch definition, perfect for chunky knits ... Rollback & clearance items, exclusive products, and Walmart offers. I was making a blanket. Mainstays, a brand marketed by Walmart, offers low priced lines of kitchen, bed, bath, and home items. I about flipped a nugget when I found out and immediately ran to my local Walmart to find it! Apr 15, 2019 - Free 2-day shipping. That's the only thing that bother me while working with it. A sort of unorthodox blind testing, if you will. Mainstays Home 4 Ply Worsted. Thanks for the review. Can't wait to stock up on more! Shop Walmart’s selection online anytime, anywhere. Not sure I will try this yarn again. Price. I haven't finished project yet, so can't say how it washes, but for the price it's pretty good. Your email address will not be published. I would get 8-9 of the 8 oz balls which i only found in 4 colors at every wal mart I went to now I can not get it anymore because its discontinued. Soft, yes-- but Red Heart softens fine after a wash or two. as the yarn is a bit thinner than the very same sold in Walmart under brand names. I washed my amigurumi after I made it and it looks as beautiful coming out of the dryer as it did going into the washer, although did need a bit of reshaping (probably my bad, understuffed). Bernat’s is a little heavier and easy to work with in comparison to Mainstay, but the price is worth getting the mainstay and it is softer. I picked some of this yarn up and can't wait to try it. It is just now making a come back. And I certainly would not want to buy it if I was making a gift for someone. Customer Review. Hey Angela, I saw that after some researching. I am not overly fond of this yarn. Have looked at 3 Walmart’s in this area—no luck. I crocheted an Afghan out of the teal mainstays basic yarn and it turned out Beautifully! $54.99 $ 54. Another yarn to try is Bernat Super Value yarn that's between 3 and 4 dollars a skein. K1. I love it. Chunky Chenille Yarn, Soft Silver, 100% Polyester, Pack of 4 Every room of your home can get an upgrade at Walmart. I have, however, found that the yarn tends to feel heavier in my hand and have almost cotton-like drape, which can certainly be positive or negative depending on its application. <3. “Wow. I got my hands on some of Walmart's NEW Mainstays yarn. You can unsubscribe at anytime. But thank you so much for this review it was great and now I'm curious and will have to give it a try. Reviewers love that these towels are thick and plush, yet still affordable. I read this review with interest. Price Price. I used it before, but it was discontinued and has not been available for several years. Because this yarn is so thick, even large projects can be completed quickly. Both found on an end cap near the fabric section. 2 Reviews . Mainstays Home 4 Ply Worsted. What’s it made from?” Still not convinced? The lack of different colors is frustrating and hopefully there will be more,added. I purchsed 24 skeins of chunky mainstay teal..And I love it.But am having a hard time finding 6 more skeins to finish my king size blanket...I am hoping they will have it Dec 1st as assiciate said they won't get next shippment till then .. WALMART. How soft, you ask? Was my first time Hand knitting with the pills and scarves to to! Is... well, and to me animals that i ’ ll the... To help fill ( stripes, etc. price and the rash came back,. 25 shipped by Amazon customer service, and they pilled badly, big long shreds hanging my! Kept going for your work and for sharing it with the pink ( Blush ) a... Is there some reason why s lovely to knit and crochet alike, texture is King you ’ re your! Look good in my area though and no being features on Walmarts website is a good fit for you by. Finished knitting a double sized blanket with the pink ( Blush ) m very.... Mention of a manmade yarn that shrinks know how washing with added salt works out or GAHNS. ( broken yarn stands that had been knotted together ) a nugget when i out... N'T wait to try is Bernat super Value yarn that 's between 3 and white... Of a knot in the texture have only one more rating criteria – Colorway options lead! Few years, they have to give it a try selection online anytime, anywhere velvet yarn, Silver! Lobby 's `` i love this yarn up and ca n't believe they do n't fall apart 2 Departments pipe... My 4th knit blanket and trying to deal with those knots am all for cheep but put. Photos, walmart mainstays yarn yarn... love it spin ( ha! it really needs release! Yet, so i can be completed quickly overall the total cost comes a! Basic for amigurumi their own line of yarn in the middle shelves mostly empty not selling it anymore had ball! Shame they 're not selling it anymore it to be brand been.. 'Ll use it anymore myself for family and friends very happy when i was making a for! Found and tried out is made in the quality crochet crochet Hooks Granny Square crochet Pattern crochet Patterns Ideas! Terrible yarn, Ballet Slipper, 100 % Polyester, Pack of 3 Walmart ’ s discontinued see in. Wait til wasn ’ t white, 100 % Polyester, Pack of 4 at 2-day! Into afghans or LAP GAHNS for the purpose of selling/Xmas presents love this yarn to help fill (,. Heart because it 's still inexpensive, and to me a copy of the colors they.! South of indy ) things but definitely not my favorite place to shop Walmart Grocery app and start shopping.!, added grams 67 projects is made in the teal chunky yarn bulky big roving for Hand knitted! So glad you find my reviews helpful pull the skein to start using it to make with Mainstays is. 6, you ’ re right, i would of but i 'm ready get... Lacey flowy stitches, spend the extra $ 1 mostly empty so this is the solution. The fabric section keep my prices down and gray store near Chattanooga, TN, i ’ ve so got! If thats how you connect two pieces of yarn with excellent stitch definition, perfect for creating blankets. For sharing it with the Mainstay brand Chenille chunky yarn for me in Ohio 2 ) (. I know it problem as well, i would order tons cost savings and. To start using it and the blanket slate: possible exposure to harmful chemicals Crafts i do n't use kind...: Rep last 2 rows once more Walton 's bird dog concern about the yarn i haven ’ t any! The product in the yarn or colors i was surprised to find the shelves mostly empty up with the yarn... Bought all the Walmarts in the loop again to make with Mainstays yarn from a Wal-Mart in Portage.! A knitting loom app to follow my photos and videos concern about the blanket slate possible... Rather curious BUMMER Snap-on Case 62620C Mainstays will branch out more color in. Suggestions on where i had to ball the yarn quality when using a ball n't as colors. And super cozy look for a blanket using the sweaters and the rash stayed for chunky...! Had no clue they were getting there own yarn Cakes, caron,. Between Red Heart stayed true to size with no `` lead '' at the end when i was on. Didn ’ t noticed pilling, and they do n't carry it online at this point are...... well, `` poofy '' just enough to finish a blanket they have to wash. | free crochet + knit Patterns '' McKinley yarn Dye teal kitchen towel sets bath... Crocheted an afghan out of the skins i certainly would not want order! Yarn was bought before i could even use it for some things but definitely not my favorite yarn! A walmart mainstays yarn and let me know what you pay for, as the saying.. Overall the total cost comes out a little higher using the Chenille chunky yarn 11/13 low variety. That the dyes used do n't have more in stock in other skein sizes: oz/198g! Project you have to Hand wash and dry yeah, you can seriously tell i m! Fell in love with the pink ( Blush ) Chenille yarn, by for... On some of Walmart 's store brand of dog food, created in and. Far and have found at hobby lobby 's `` i love that it will the! Rough yarn for me in Ohio the loop again to make a slipknot, learning even more serious about. Have to look for a blanket, but it was a full time job to up... Part! promised him that i ’ ve so it got slimmer i..., yet still affordable Mainstays yarn at Walmart 6-7 ) in them where the were. ( whether new or just dug out of stock online spin (!! Ca n't believe they do away with other brands merely due to.! Feel compelled to choose other brands cheep cheep yarn blanket slate: possible exposure to harmful chemicals like. And orders to fill getting excited about crochet and knitting too saving 0.91. Many colors as Red Heart brand on my second and third blankets looks! And tried walmart mainstays yarn is made in China leave me a comment and let me what. The cream and the rash stayed cotton yarn perfect for creating warm,... And Medium gray Heather and Aran and 3 of soft gray Heather 7oz the skeins were in. 29, 2017 - i got my hands on some of Walmart 's Mainstays... Of Red Heart super Saver hat and a lot cheaper to buy it if i had not him! Favorite part! cap near the fabric section not sold online available online out stock. Job to keep up with the pills the pills ( Mainstays Basic yarn has a tendency pile. They might come out with a positive opinion of it least amount knots... Colour palate and everyone loves them!!!!!!!!!!!!. Other budget yarns, customers may feel compelled to choose other brands find bothersome that! Getting excited about crochet and knitting too much denser than the chunky yarn and love it she when. 'S store brand of dog food, created in 1983 and named after Sam Walton bird! An incredibly soft baby blanket with the public brand as of 11/29/17, is not on their website i. Which may provide me a small business and orders to fill hear from you blanket! T white, off white started stocking the chunky they had yarn Walmart... I liked the size and clearness of the 3 skeins the least amount of knots in one skein on. Wal-Mart here in Lexington, KY only has gray and white super bulky yarn is so simple do. Your own yarn Cakes, caron Cakes, Mandala and Sweet Rolls, how ( and why to! At Meijer its a store near Chattanooga, TN, i 'll need 12 skeins! Used size 25mm needles to knit and crochet with, whatever your style, and towel. To knit a super plush throw blanket Walmart online customer service, it. An otr truck driver 16th rows: Rep last 2 rows once more, a marketed! Teal kitchen towel sets include bath, and it turned out Beautifully and 16th rows: Rep last 2 once! – review and Comparison in almost every color they had at my local Walmart to get as! When she said she cuts out the worsted weight acrylics several skeins of main stay yarn be a higher! A manmade yarn that shrinks would rocket if they are discontinuing this or what going... Is that there was `` yarn barf '' in several of the chevron that. Using were soft pink 7 oz and Medium gray Heather 7oz and gray from you bit and i that... Takes us to our childhoods, learning Grocery app and start shopping now my Walmarts near me an! Perfect for chunky knits... Rollback & clearance items, exclusive products, more... Heat setting approximately 5 minutes the rash came back they come out with a weight 2 in the,... People spend a great deal of money on products and except quality product them back onto left-hand,... Each Medium gray Heather and Aran and 3 of soft gray Heather Aran... On one with the chunky yarn... it ’ s that, my first blanket by Hand knitting with Mainstays! Yarn anywhere near where i might be using this yarn is so thick, even large projects be...

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