which hand to wear obsidian bracelet

So, a mix of the two was just what I was after. I’m I doing the right things. I suggest wearing it on your left hand because it is your receiving hand. That said, some people over 70 have very young spirits, exercise regularly, eat healthily, meditate daily and have the biological age of someone half their age. I wear a magnet bracelet, and have for years. Can you wear your bracelet in the same wrist as your iWatch? It has no pixiu. I know your disappointed about being to young to ware the obsidian crystal bracelet miss Julia is right it might do more harm than good. Generally, Pi Xiu bracelets are made of various materials. Not anything ‘bad’ per say but the energies can be strong an may have negative effects! By the way, different from other gemstone, You need wear the obsidian bracelet on the right hand, not the left hand. I would charge it fortnightly and if you don’t want to wear it you can just place it facing the door . BUT if you wear it on the right, it is believed that you are giving away your wealth. I have recently bought 2 bracelets, (1) a Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet(gold dragon) and (2) a Pi Yao Obsidian Wealth Bracelet that is all black with a large (black) dragon. It is believed that the energies attached to these bracelets can keep you awake if you sleep with it. has a pacemaker n is recovering from having a stroke 1yrs n 10 months. I have been wearing it with the dragon on the top of my wrist with the dragon facing me. Someone bought a bracelet wore it for 2 week and then realise it is not for them so she sold it to someone else she said you can wash it and place it in. Every so often, cleanse your crystals and recharge them with Sunlight energy for about 30 mins. Some people also place it in the moonlight overnight to activate it. BUT, obsidian doesn’t need much sunlight, so it may be better to just charge it with an Obsidian crystal wash. By the way, every image and text is socially shareable too, simply highlight and you can share away! Hi Julie Syl and Paul, I just received my 2 black Obsidian bracelets yesterday 7.6.2020 and due to excitement to wear it, I didn’t activate it putting under sunlight as you instructed from prev comments and I learned it should be wearing on your left hand side not on the right hand. Or one hole? Please reply. I learnt that black obsidian crystals would help because they emit the powerful orgone energy. I just received mine today. Thank you! Can I wear it all time (e.g. Is it ok to wear it if you’re currently breastfeeding? With balanced thoughts, you will be less prone to diseases. It can be as simple as a small side table. Thank you for this detailed response Marsha, I’m glad the bracelets are working for you. And another question if someone doesnt want to wear it can just put it somewhere facing the front door and just recharge it two times or need more than two times a week in sun light for an hour? why cant people over 70 wear this bracelet? What happens if over seventy years old wear it? There are some common materials for the make of a Pixiu bracelet, for example, gold, jade, crystal and etc. Then you can place your bracelet in your “living space” at night. What can I do to make thing right? Here are some examples: To be more loving to yourself, wear your rose quartz bracelet on your left arm. Or someone else has to? For as long as you can. People say I do not look my age and I feel young at heart. nakido Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet, Feng Shui Pi Xiu 12mm Black Hand Carved Mantra Adjustable Elastic Bead Bracelet for Men Women Attract Wealth Money Feng Shui Bracelet. Im 70 but i feel way way younger and look like im n my 50s can i still wear mine i just got it and i love it,will it cause a problem by me wearing it now?????? I’m just confused on which hand I should wearing? Unless there is some more info you need. [Question 1] I have two bracelets. CRYSTAL, If you want to add sage that should be fine and if you were advised to wear it on your dominant then again be my guest, I wear it on my left because it is the receiving hand. Is liquid soap ok to use in cleaning the black obsidian bracelet if there’s no obsidian crystal wash available? Which hand to wear Pi Xiu bracelet? I washed it in simple clean water to cleanse it, touched it lovingly to let the pixiu dragons know I am the owner. I do have one other question it’s very big for my wrist. There are some design variants with such wrist-wear. Otherwise, if you are a left handed wear it on your left. Silly me I’d been keeping it in the bedroom since Christmas lol. Why is this? Wipe it with a tissue and put it in the sun Sylvia . It is under the sun right now. It releases strong energies so it may affect people who aren’t as strong. Can you help me know which one I have. I think you should wear it on your left hand as that is your receiving hand. I have been wearing a black obsidian pi yao bracelet since june. I am thinking to buy a bit pricey one when i can afford it if this one is useless. if you had your palm on the table the head should be facing the ceiling . Thanks. I noticed that the string is quite weak but forgot about it. People over 70 and children may have deficient Qi or vital energy, and cannot suppress the Pi Xiu energy. [Question 2] Do I wear both bracelets on left wrist or one on each wrist. The black beads are high quality black obsidian stone while the gold parts are plated with 24k gold. I watch TV. How to Wear Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet To maximize its full potential, wealth bracelets are best worn on your left hand. Hi I got my bracelet to day I put it on my left bhand but touch it before wearing it it was to big so I took some beads out and put it together again now wearing it when I worked do I need to take it off cos I do caring and we are not allowed to wear it what do I do? I have not found much literature that says thats different for males or femails. I know what #2 bracelet is. Lucky Obsidian Bracelet. Right or left.. ? I wouldn’t try that because it might break, but maybe try to buy a smaller size if available ! The method of wearing obsidian bracelets In the bracelet, almost all the natural colored stones Are to wear the left hand is better, but obsidian as a unique black gem, generally recommended to wear in the right hand, according to the principle of left into the right, obsidian strong energy, is to absorb the energy,

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