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I guess he doesn't like being watched. Freddy can appear at the East Hall Corner almost instantaneously at almost any time, so a heavy eye must be kept on him. There is no phone call at the beginning of this night. He was horrified to find out that those were animatronics who came to life after darkness and tried to get into the security room! This allows the player to see if Bonnie and Chica have left. Yeah. 12 am to 6 am.” Personality Video Games Fnaf Chat Mike. [CDATA[ Another, less common tactic used for beating 20/20/20/20 is to only check the East Hall Corner. East Hall: Dining Area or East Hall Corner, East Hall Corner: Outside Right door or East Hall. Anyway, I'm sure you have everything under control! Chica and Foxy's AI increase by 1 only on 3AM and 4AM. The player can tell where Freddy is by counting how many times he has laughed or a slight breathing/static noise is heard: 1: Dining Area, 2: Restrooms, 3: Kitchen, 4: East Hall, 5: East Hall Corner. Another strategy for the player to use is as follows: Check only the Show Stage camera for Freddy. It will be necessary to account for the power loss and wait until later before closing the door. I wonder how that would work. Upon completion of Night 5, Mike Schmidt will receive his paycheck worth $120 for working the five nights. East Hall, 5. '“'Hello, hello? Another good way to complete Night 5 with ease is: Freddy navigates the rooms in this order: Show Stage → Dining Area → Restrooms → Kitchen → East Hall → East Hall Corner. As Freddy and Foxy should now be the player's highest concern, they should reserve the Monitor for the purpose of checking them. //

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