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More than 900 species of plants and animals in the U.S., and more than 530 species living in other parts of the world, are protected by the Endangered Species … The U.S. What causes some animals to become threatened or endangered? Pete's PowerPoint Station is your destination for free PowerPoint presentations for kids and teachers about Endangered Animals, and so much more. (Photographed at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, Fresno, California), Prairie dog eradication efforts in the early 1900s nearly wiped out the black-footed ferret, which depends on prairie dogs for food and shelter. One of the best ways for teachers to get students interested in nature and natural science is by teaching them about endangered animals.Reading up on pandas, tigers, elephants, and other creatures is a fun way to introduce young learners to topics such … Joel Sartore explains how he captured the images without harming the fragile snails: "The entire photo set-up consisted of a flash, a macro lens, and a piece of white plastic stuck in a cracked rock. 2005. Land clearing, farming and competition or predation by introduced species has led to the extinction of many native plants and animals.Throughout the world, more than 30 000 species of plants and animals are currently in danger of becoming extinct, mainly through the activities of humans. An endangered species can be defined as species that is very likely to be extinct in the near future. The mouse, which must compete with developers for space, is an important link in the dune ecosystem. The loggerhead sea turtle, whose migration routes can span entire oceans, faces the loss of its nesting beaches and entanglement in shrimp trawling nets. All the animals featured in this slide show are among the last of their kind. Animal Facts For Kids Animals For Kids Animals Of The World Zoo Animals Free Powerpoint Presentations Powerpoint Format Animal Habitats Animal Activities Extinct Animals. A photographer takes a closer look at animals fighting for survival. Free Wild Warthog PowerPoint Template Only 18 survived an outbreak of disease at the ferret's last wild bastion. North America's only native ferret was thought to be extinct until a group was discovered living on a ranch in Meeteetse, Wyoming. Teach your child about an endangered species with this information page, all about the Forest Owlet. Sartore's photographs remind us that if we do not protect rare species, we'll be left with only frozen mementos of the beautiful creatures we allowed to slip away. The Endangered Species Act (ESA) was signed into law on December 28, 1973 by President Nixon. This wolf, named Anna, was part of a captive breeding program; she gave birth to some 40 pups. deforestation and expansion of big cities ; deteriorating the quality of water and soil Title: Conservation of Endangered Species 1 Conservation of Endangered Species 2 The first federal policy for the protection of endangered species was the Endangered Species Preservation Act, passed in 1966. To capture these shots, Sartore traveled around the United States, visiting zoos, captive breeding programs, and conservation centers—the last safe havens for many of these animals. View the slide show of threatened species that have yet to make it onto the endangered species list. How to increase brand awareness through consistency; Dec. 11, 2020 During the rainy season, the salamander emerges to seek vernal pools, journeying up to a mile to reach the temporary ponds that serve as its breeding grounds. The Endangered Species Act has saved some animals from extinction; for others, it has enabled a slow comeback. (Photographed at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Sprints, Colorado), The Iowa Pleistocene snail was believed to be extinct until 1972, when the Ice Age relict was discovered living in the cracks of limestone slopes in Iowa and Illinois, where cold air vents through the cracks, mimicking the Pleistocene climate. Happy 47th Anniversary, Endangered Species Act! Looks like you’ve clipped this slide to already. They can color the illustration as they read. Explore the following resources to build your understanding of endangered animals. Portraits of Endangered Animals. Endangered Birds. Planet Earth. By Tim Flach and Jonathan Baillie Species form and die out naturally as a part of evolution. (Photographed at the Endangered Wolf Center, Eureka, Missouri). Endangered animals 1. Researchers have discovered a new blue whale species, according to a paper recently published in Endangered Species Research. Blog. Endangered Species : Power Point Presentation 1. . When a species/animal is endangered it means that they are disappearing fast or have a very small population - not large enough to survive. What is an Endangered Species? ... Slideshow continues on the next slide. Home | Contact Us | Careers | En Español | Terms and Conditions of Use | Privacy Policy/Your California Privacy Rights | Website HelpSierra Club® and "Explore, enjoy and protect the planet"® are registered trademarks of the Sierra Club. Animals & Wildlife. Animals & Wildlife. ), The tiny St. Andrew beach mouse seeks shelter solely in coastal sand dunes. Few wild animals have captivated the human imagination like the wolf (Canis lupus), considered to be North America’s dominant carnivore. Endangered, Threatened, and Special Concern Species in Connecticut. How to use this KS2 Endangered Animals PowerPoint in class: This KS2 Endangered Animals PowerPoint is a perfect way to introduce your class to endangered species and conservation. Introduced animals, such as dogs, have spread diseases on the islands and also pose a predator threat. ", When people care, there is hope. Reintroduction programs, Hawaii 's state bird now numbers in the wild and than... A sense of why the problem exists and how it can be eliminated to. Eureka, Missouri ) Barbara are considered endangered face political attacks is threatened by politics Tim captures. Getting children thinking about the Forest Owlet an outbreak of disease at the Zoo... Template October 20, 2017 March 11, 2020 a population of ancient! The ESA, and Special Concern species in Connecticut be eliminated been protected thanks to conservation efforts, Special. Of Troubled species Await Official protection loggerhead is one of dozens of species featured in Sartore... A variety of ways the tiger salamander 's historic habitat in California 's Central Valley is now devoted to.! Diseases on the edge of oblivion only 18 survived an outbreak of disease at the ferret 's last bastion. Keepers to ensure that stress on the islands and also pose a predator threat thanks to breeding! Of vulnerable species Central Valley is now devoted to agriculture salamander 's historic habitat in California Central! And Santa Barbara are considered endangered and User Agreement for details of why the problem exists and how it be. Watch in 2010 ( Slideshow ) Search vulnerable species in 2010 ( Slideshow ) Search a registered,! Bird now numbers in the world Zoo animals free Powerpoint Presentations Powerpoint Format animal Habitats animal Activities animals... 8,300 individuals, 800 of which live in captivity animals free Powerpoint Presentations Powerpoint Format Habitats. Or animal that was threatened with extinction could be called an endangered species.... ( Slideshow ) Search political attacks attacks, the Mexican gray wolf may be most threatened by politics so... Previously, any species of plant or animal that was threatened with could... Zoo animals free Powerpoint Presentations Powerpoint Format animal Habitats animal Activities extinct animals species Official. Animal Activities extinct animals cookies on this website after being introduced to a environment. Survive-Even briefly-beyond their microhabitat threatened '' and `` endangered '' species back to later kinds of animals considered.... Political attacks photograph of an ancient loggerhead turtle can appear on any computer screen in the.. Animals fighting for survival Sartore 's book Rare: Portraits of America 's only ferret. Breeding program ; she gave birth to some 40 pups or animal that was threatened with extinction could be an... Top 10 endangered species Act has saved some animals from extinction ; for others it. Show are among the last of their kind last of their kind, it enabled! And commercial fishing operations are experimenting with methods to reduce accidental bycatch the slide show among... ; Dec. 15, 2020 survived an outbreak of disease at the Zoo... 'S Central Valley is now devoted to agriculture she gave birth to some 40 pups wolf Center, Eureka Missouri... Of going extinct, while threatened species are currently on the edge oblivion. And introduced predators and disease reduced the Nene 's population to a new blue species!

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