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You asked for ideas to thank those that preordered: I’m a big picture guy that gets easily overwhelmed at even the slightest whiff of a detail. Thanks so much for pre-ordering (and for the kind words)! Also, some feedback on your latest poddy – the repetitive sound underneath the intro for the first 6 mins got a bit overwhelming and made it difficult to concentrate on what you were saying. If you've enjoyed the last 9 years of ad-free content and want to say thanks, here's how →. I’m in for $5 worth of your music – hopefully some backup vocals by your lovely wife? Really disheartened because I felt like I was close to the finish line for this song but now I feel miles away again. Congrats on taking a leap and pursuing one of your lifelong goals. Sign In For You Browse Radio Try Beta. I also plan on using YouTube and other online resources to pick up recording/mixing skills, as needed. Love both tracks. Wow, thanks for sticking with me for so long! You can listen to the full recap podcast episode here and you can check out the single/album that resulted from the experiment here! x1 Sounds like everyone is either drunk, tired or both . Personal Blog. Success! Shared with Brian and he really liked it too! When were able to get in harmony with parts of the good life, ie finance it frees us up to get in balance in other areas like physical health. I’ve completely ignored lyric-writing because I thought it would be easy but it’s anything but. Außerdem kannst du eigene Inhalte hochladen und mit Freunden oder gleich der ganzen Welt teilen. Ha! 1:11 PREVIEW Friends,fo or Family. That’s not my goal for this ultralearning project though…. Song has a lot of feeling and melody-writing is easier than normal for this one, thankfully. 305-341-2715 Nasal squamous cell carcinoma. Heading into the studio today to try to record vocals and finish everything off. Glad to see you at this milestone in your path. Jul 15 – Excited to get started on the next song. Sep 26 – Showed sister-in-law and brother-in-law AS, P, BC, I, and TE and they really liked them all! Vocals remind me a bit of NIN. Looking back, it’s now obvious why I felt like I was progressing very slowly before…because I was hardly putting any time/work in! Can you add a soundcloud link to 30s on here to give us a taster? 503-203 Phone Numbers. 1. MC REN - MAD SCIENTIST (Uncensored Album Version) - YouTube Mad Scientist A cél nem az volt, hogy a mienk legyen a legnagyobb sörös webshop itthon, hanem, hogy aki szeretne, az közvetlenül hozzá tudjon jutni rajtunk keresztül a MadX és Barrel Project sörökhöz, illetve Mad Scientist poharakhoz, sörnyitókhoz és sörös pólókhoz-pulcsikhoz. Best of luck with your musical pursuits! Three Best The Mad Fientist Podcasts For 2020. It sounds great. I am embarking on one of the biggest challenges of my life (check out this post to learn more). Ensure enough append capacity. Now just check your email to get your spreadsheet download link! He said he thought it sounded “100% professional”! Just bought the album and listened. Ultimately I realised it is quite simple, if I want to make music I just need to sit down and make music. I bought the album and I’m looking forward to hearing what you are working on! I just pre-ordered the album, and I can’t wait to hear more! Required fields are marked *. May 21 – Shared a new original song (G) with Jill. By the way, don’t wait until FI to work on your music. Combining computation with geometry. Write, record, and mix my own songs (I have someone who can master my recordings for me so that’s a skillset I’m not even going to worry about at this stage). I’m very excited about this because now it feels like solving a problem rather than creating something out of thin air! I like the preview that you provided. Jul 5 – Finished the structure for BC! Congrats and well wishes for this cool new chapter! Powered by ConvertKit FI Spreadsheet. So awesome! ), showed it to, Dec 10 – Worked a lot on remixing AS after hearing it in the car and now it sounds done. Can’t believe this whole project is going to finally become real on October 2nd! «Στα Κόκκινα»: Άκουσε αποκλειστικά στο Mad Radio 106.2 το νέο τραγούδι της Demy και του FY! Of course I just pre-ordered – Congrats Brandon! Just re-heard the ultra learning podcast for something specific I needed and ended up here. Been with you since mid 2014 – I think first through MMM forums. Exceeded all expectations! Join over 100,000 others on the Mad Fientist email list and start tracking your progress in the FI Laboratory! My favorite builds so far have been Dreadbox Antiphon (8-sine-oscillator complete voice with spring reverb and sounds like a sci-fi horror film), micro Ornament and Crime (multifunction module that I’m usually using for quantization), and Nonlinear Circuits triple sloth (slow moving chaotic modulation). Keep up the great work man! After further inspection, seems like it was a way to get more people to listen to their own music :(. Sign Up. Really glad to hear that and thanks for pre-ordering! I’m a rebel that way. 13,929 people like this. Thanks very much for pre-ordering and hope you like it! Episode 271: The Power of Quitting by The Mad Fientist (Personal Finance Advice). Congratulations! I always blamed my job for stopping me from making progress but really it was a bunch of other things (mostly psychological) that I’ve had to work through after leaving my job. Das Album erreichte den dritten Platz in den schwedischen Rock Charts. Now just check your email and start tracking! 3. Enthusiasm is contagious. Got a nice Italo-disco vibe, like the lost classic Take a Chance by Mr. Flagio. If you watch TV, you have time for guitar. I decided that I need to go back to my strict social medial rules (only consume that stuff on Saturdays and don’t touch it at all for the rest of the week, except for replying to messages). The original song (AS) sounded great on the studio speakers and so did the Sonic Youth cover (TE) so really encouraging! Congrats on your first album! Just came up with a cool industrial idea this morning (I). Köszönjük ezúton is a támogatást, hálásak vagyunk minden egyes rendelésért! I’m definitely curious to hear the music and also glad to pitch in $5 token support. Community See All. Mar 25 – New studio is amazing, having more fun than ever, and making great progress! Series: Financial Independence Podcast. Thanks for the reminder and motivation to make FI “more time to do the things I’m already prioritizing in my life” rather than “when I get to start my actual life.”. If you came up with 5 bullet points or actionable items (“get this card at this bank”) or somehow a nice neat package that simplified it, that’d be great. Log In. My ultimate goal is to release a 10-song album that I’ve written and produced myself (this goal can be broken down into smaller goals of releasing a 7-song album, 4-song EP, or 1-song single). released my first single and started accepting pre-orders for my album, Syntorial – Synthesizer software that helps you become better at sound design, Audible Genius – Software that teaches skills useful for music creation, Complete unheard songs by favorite artists (e.g. Sep 23 – Jill just became the first person to pre-order my album! May 7 – Heard back from Rafter!!! I created a new project for this song and I filled in all the slots with blank clips so it looks like a spreadsheet with different color cells (now, I just need to go in and turn those empty clips into music). Nov 10 – Second day of Mixing/Mastering course was just as good as the first and I’m definitely happy I did it. Got a tinge resemblance from New Order late 80’s/early 90’s vibe, so felt oddly nostalgic while slightly futuristic. Since my first Ultralearning Experiment was so productive, decided to start another one. When you pre-order the album, you’ll immediately get access to my first single (i.e. Yeah, sorry about the intro music. Wow, thanks for following for so long and big thanks for the support!! Haha. So thrilled for you; just pre-ordered. Just pre-ordered the album. Could already be an EP. I don’t usually listen to much synth. Random froggy in a plane to a problem beyond an eyesore? The album costs $5 and will be released on January 22, 2021. Sep 20 – Busy getting everything ready for the single release and album pre-order. One recommendation: You should be charging more. Display. Instead, I ended up diving into the original song I was writing and I wrote for over 3 hours straight and actually finished most of the song!! This is part 2 of 2. And I agree…albums are way better than ads :). The Science of Financial Independence Interested in hearing a sample before spending money, please send a link! 01:31:07 - He’s back! Now that it’s done, I’m not sure what to work on next so I took stock of my existing songs that aren’t finished and started planning rest of the month (need to make it fun because confidence still isn’t there yet). I also progressed quite quickly with a new original idea (BC) and it’s nearly a full song already. Οι 3 μάγοι με τα δώρα, έρχονται στο GOD IS A DJ radioshow! Mr. Money Mustache. You’ve given so much high-quality insightful practical digestible wisdom to this community, I’m certain many more readers/listeners will happily show support regardless of music taste. Mad Fientist. I’ve always appreciated the concept of travel hacking, but get turned off by my perceived detail orientation of actually doing it, so I’ve never done it. We’re eagerly awaiting the rest of the album! Really great to hear :). Way to go. Nov 9 – Had my first day at the mixing and mastering course in Glasgow and it was a ton of great information! Powered by ConvertKit. I have benefited greatly from all of your thoughtful work. I’ll be in Boulder in January, and moving to Durango in the spring. Songs start at $1.29. As a mediocre guitar player I look forward to the day where financial independence can allow me more time to pursue getting better as a musician. Thrilled you turned your dream into a reality. Your email address will not be published. Excited to hear your music. Well, I expect that my music project is going to get pretty weird so I want to keep my music alter-ego completely separate from this Mad Fientist one. Even though I felt like I was progressing last week, I still didn’t actually believe I could do it. Jul 12 – Finished the mix for BC, minus proper lyrics and vocals, and it’s definitely my favorite song I wrote yet! I hardly did any video lessons or “passive” activities because I’ve been so busy working on my original song (AS). I just preordered the album based on the email snippet. Will be doing so shortly. I look forward to finding out about your apparently-even-weirder-than-Mad-Fientist alter-ego in the music world. Mad Fientist. Choosefi. I’m in the middle of doing another one at the moment but I’m planning to publish a big update at some point so stay tuned! Please try again. This resulted in me finding a new YouTube channel that seems really good and has already taught me good tips for creating crisp, digital bass sounds and mixing sub basses. Also great to be able to contribute to the achievement of a dream – thank you for keeping us updated on your post-FI life, it’s equally as educational as the journey to FI. Podcast. I’ve been putting in a lot of hours though and have been feeling more confident. Good luck with the launch. Sep 16 – Great biproduct of this ultralearning project is I’m getting more accomplished in other areas of my life. or. Sep 14 – Scheduled a lesson with a local producer for next week. Sep 26 – After doing a lot of work on the cover song, I’ve got things sounding really good again so happy to learn I had the skills to fix the issues I heard and excited to get the song mastered next week. Now just check your email to confirm! Count me as another who is interested, but waiting to hear a sample first. Not Now. I’ve always been a saver not knowing much of what I was doing but by listening to you and reading MMM, when the financial numbers worked out, we pulled the plug on the daily grind and couldn’t be happier.

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