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I was planning Rome, Amalfi, Puglia trip. Demolished in the 1970s, it was replaced with an underground shopping mall. My suggestion revolves around my initial trips after I relocated to Europe. I'm a non-drinker, so I have no clue about how wine or liquor prices compare. 11/14/15 05:45 PM. In general, which has better value in terms of travel, sightseeing, lodging and food?? Join our lively community of travelers who exchange advice, tips and experiences. Also, Joan of Arc visited Chinon in 1429 to meet with the dauphin, get him to Rheims to be crowned and then on to battle at Orleans and subsequently her death by fire in May, 1431 in Rouen France. Answer 1 of 13: My wife and I find Rick Steves books very helpful. Rick, along with co-authors Steve Smith and Gene Openshaw, have done a formidable job of making one of Europe’s best and biggest cities engaging, fun, and easy to navigate. Jump to bottom. He also hosts a weekly public radio show that is broadcast nation-wide. Since you've been to Italy before, either go to Tuscany or another region you've not seen or go to France. He wants to infect everybody with the travel bug, because he believes if everyone went out in the world and experienced life the way it's lived in other cultures, the world would be a better place. Based on posting history, I don't think Gene has yet been to Italy. 5) Provence-- Take the high speed train to Lyon then down the Rhone river, stopping at cities on the way to Arles, Avignon, Aix, Monaco, Nice, St. Paul de Vence, Cannes and more. Even though I haven’t posted on this thread since Nov, I am reading every recommendations. My goodness, Sept 2021 is nearly a year away so much could happen with fares between now and the months closer to your trip! As far as France, I don't have the specific knowledge of where to go and what transportation to take to get to specific towns beside Paris.. Maybe there is a specific town routes many France tourist put it in their bucket list?? I think the Montmartre tour was the easiest and most relaxed, because the area was less crowded than the Latin Quarter and Marais. My Account . I agree that this website is one place to start researching. Airfares come and go. That effect can be reduced substantially by buying tickets way ahead of time, which will save you money on Italy's fast trains as well. How long will you have on your trip? I'd call AutoEurope for that. We are waiting re-schedule until we see how the vaccine works out. The crowd in front of the Mona Lisa vs. the crowd in the Vatican Museums? The pictures look lovely. If you're prepared to have your main meal at mid-day, you can save quite a bit. Feel free to browse to post questions and answers. What should I expect , if you can answer this question. Sweden is more expensive than either France or Italy. but never found it. Eleanor, her mother and several of her children were educated at Fontevraud and Henry II, his wife, Eleanor, and son, King Richard the Lionheart, were all buried here at the end of the 12th century. It’s quick and easy to create one! The buildings and spaces of Paris owe a great deal to this historic time. I know that's alot, but that's what happens, when we have travel starvation...LOL.. I even mapped out budget for lodging and transportaton. lodging and food?? In terms of how to plan a trip to France. That's OK - we all have our travel preferences. If you had asked about either France or Italy versus say Sweden or Slovenia then there would be an answer. Travel Forum; Shop Online; Rick Steves' Europe. Old timers remember Les Halles as Paris’ gigantic central produce market. If you have one week holiday only, go to Paris. In this travel class, Rick Steves guidebook co-author Steve Smith suggests strategies for touring Paris — the Louvre, Orsay, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysées, Rodin Museum, and Montmartre — plus tips on sleeping, eating, and getting around affordably. You can't go wrong with either choice! Walk-up train fares are generally higher in France. In situations where there's no train service and you need to take a bus, it's probably not necessary even to think about the price. How does a flight cost out for you flying into Paris and out of Rome or vice versa? Ah, apologies, Gene. Best trip of our lives and can’t wait to try the southern end.. Parts of each of them are less expensive so it would depend on where you wanted to go. Not to hijack this thread to France forum, but did you go from town to town via Train in France?? BUT, before you went to Italy, it was sort of overwhelming and you didn't know that you would like it. I've done some research on Paris for a future trip, and it's my impression Paris hotels are more expensive than Rome hotels. Thread Tools … As for Nigel, only reason I mention the Paris crowd can get unbearable is due to statistic that Paris has over 15M visitors in 2019, almost double the Rome tourists.. Or is the crowd not as noticeable? Post questions and answers about travel in France. If you go in the meantime, please let me know how you fare on the coffee versus bread debate. My point, rather belabored, is that history, dating back to the Romans and extending to WWII is throughout France and quite accessible. Smaller text Larger text. Other places to visit are: 1) Normandy--The WWII D-day beaches, Bayeux (don't miss the amazing Tapestry), and more, including Mt. A better deal on a flight to Paris doesn't do you much good if you actually want to go to Italy. Jump to bottom. more so than relatively rebuilt (at least after WW2) cities like Berlin, Paris etc. Start planning your trip to France! Regardless of where you go, give yourself plenty of time to experience your destinations, rather than just see them. , We've spent time in both (a week in Paris; closer to 2 weeks in Rome) and enjoyed both but Rome hit us on a more visceral level, enough to have returned again + is in the plan for another deliciously long stay. Paris Tourism Paris Accommodation Paris Bed and Breakfast Paris Holiday Rentals Paris Holiday Packages Paris Flights Paris … My husband would definitely chose Italy. It would require so much more due diligence regarding France itinerary. Obviously France is France and Italy is Italy and they are quite different but in terms of those things mentioned one is not better than the other. If you're interested in the Loire Valley chateau, tiny villages in Provence or the Dordogne, the wine villages of Alsace, or spending multiple days driving yourself around Normandy invasion sites, you might want to investigate a short-term car rental. In particular, look at Rick's France videos - some are getting old, but it will give you a taste of whether this is a place you want to learn more about, or whether your just "not feeling France" right now. For instance, if you look at the forums for France on TA, the majority of questions are in regard to Paris, Paris Disney, day trips from Paris to Versailles and Paris-focused queries that have been placed under the France heading. 3) Verdun-- For WWI history it is worth a stop. Saint Michel. I know it can be done and would work, but is it more convenient. Rick Steves' Europe. It's the easiest and best experience if you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android. newtoplaya. Answer 1 of 13: My wife and I find Rick Steves books very helpful. If you really, really want to go to Italy then don't let a better airfare to Italy sway you. Rue Cler is the perfect, traffic-free market street to call home for a few days. We did something similar in 2019 and connected the two cities with a very inexpensive one way flight. Go back to Italy ! If you want history, France has centuries of it. The gardens of Fontainebleau, Vaux-le-Vicomte, the Tuileries, the Champs-Elysees and Versailles were designed by one man during this time. At this moment, the task of having to sort where to go, what to do and HOW do it is looking more than a bit daunting to you. If you are now determined to go to France, I'd start with Ricks France guide and look at some of his suggested itineraries. Reply Subscribe . I usually pick which towns/regions I want to go to by looking at photos. The funny thing is I've fallen in love with Paris and the French countryside! It's very hard to be specific when I don't know much about a country.. If it's ONLY the price of airfare that's behind the potential change of plan, I'd keep Italy. Slovenia is less expensive than either of them. Same for Italy. You can always change that flight later, if needed, for a fee. Trip is Paris for 3 nights, Rome, Naples, Amalfi, Matera and Puglia.. and return home.. Re: Why do so many dislike Rick Steves? Gene If you want a combination of capital city and beach time, that will require more transportation time in France than in Italy, because you're not guaranteed of beach weather in northern France in mid-summer, much less in September. I'll cheerfully admit to a personal loathing for working out the ins-and-outs of foreign transport! There's lots more to Paris than the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. I doubt if the cost of touring one country is more expensive than the other, but large cities like Paris and Rome tend to cost more than smaller cities and towns. Today's Posts. Editing to add, regarding tourism numbers, Gene, according to a couple of sites Rome saw 15 million visitors in 2018. Has every traveler loved it like I do? I m Italian and i ve been in France twenty times in twenty Years,last time in 2013. Italy is probably my top favorite. So the last time we heard from Gene was early November, and they seemed to be leaning toward France. And I suggest you start a separate thread saying you need help planning a trip to France, starting in Paris and tell us length of time and what kinds of places you like and you'll get all kinds of suggestions. You could start with that. Based on how difficult this "where to go": decision sounds for you - and your passion for European travel - you'll be back. Sounds good to me. I know it can be done and would work, but is it more convenient. Expect the unexpected. Discuss your latest trip and share your top travel tips. Hi Lola, Having been in Paris a couple of times this year, I am able to assure that you can do the Rick Steves walks without taking your book with you. Wise words from Harold. Home / Blog; Destination: Paris . Tour Account › Travel Forum › Home / Travel Forum / Italy / Italy vs. France; Please sign in to post. Trains and busses provide good access to everywhere. Here's my photos of France: https://andiamo.zenfolio.com/f667172952 My question is has anyone done the walking tours that are in the book? If France is the cheapest flight, you can still be in Italy within 2 hours of landing in Paris (or you can stay in Paris for a few days before jetting off to Rome or Naples or wherever you want to go). On my first trip to Europe, I flew into Paris and then on to London. There is more but this is a start. Posted on June 18, 2017 June 16, 2017. Just agreeing that your question is unanswerable. TA is great. Read and write reviews about places to eat and sleep in Europe. Going to Paris next week. Get started! In Provence in the south of France are many Roman sites, like Arles with its Roman theater, coliseum and the Baths of Constantine and Nimes where Augustus built the Pont du Gard, public baths temples, a forum and more. Well how did you plan the trip you already took to Italy? Would be interesting to have the others on this thread offer up their own speculations. Or Is it easier to page thru and go back and forth a... Paris. For me Paris is better than every other Italian town. 39. Video: The Perfect Market Street to Call Home in Paris. ...my curiosity why Paris is so much more popular than Rome among 4) Alsance-- Strasbourg is great. Now I have to see where I can sign up for a vaccine... OK, that sounds good; may be the best of both worlds. Just wondering if anyone has downloaded one of his books to a Kindle? Les Halles Wears a Big New Yellow Hat. As an inexperienced traveler in Italy, who wanted to see EVERYTHING, my new Italian friends would constantly implore me, "Piano, piano!" Daily Dose of Europe: A Little Bone Envy. Yes, some places may require more diligent effort to find those good values, but it's doable. Posted on May 13, 2016 January 4, 2018. Suppose someone were to ask you, "I had planned to visit the US, but now I want to visit Canada instead. Are they easy to follow? Guidebooks are also good sources, especially if you can borrow from a library. My Account . From Paris you could take a train or fly into one location and return to Paris from another area, eliminating the need to backtrack. If you are going to France, you have to approach it on its own terms. UK. The Naples area is great with Pompeii, Capri, Sorrento and Amalfi Coast, so it ranks high as well. Wonderstruck by the city's charms, she was doing everything right — picking up French words, conversing with every local she could, and enjoying the great artistic and cultural experiences. Only Italy is Italy. I can, however, offer one very specific warning. Only Italy is Italy. However, he's about forty years behind the times in his understanding of Medieval Europe and it shows. When i was there i felt great. region you've not seen or go to France. Master the Louvre and Orsay museums. The Loire Valley also allows you to explore the France of the absolute monarchs and their friends and the rather fabulous chateaus of them all. Among the areas most frequently mentioned on this forum are Normandy (especially the invasion sites and Mont-St-Michel), Alsace, the Loire Valley, Provence, the Riviera and the Dordogne. Most are right when you stated I am not too enthusiastic about France, but it maybe because of my unfamiliarity. Gene, your title post reminded me of this cartoon by Italian animator Bruno Bozzetto. Currently looking at March 2022. If nothing about France appeals to you, why go there? They seem to be, but reading and actually going... Paris. Are the towns easily accessible via train? Anothertrip. 6) Bordeaux region of SW France. I appreciate Rick Steves' Paris Guide for all the practical information (much not included in the others), particularly for things like day trips. Answer 1 of 13: My wife and I find Rick Steves books very helpful. elsewhere. With a bit of pre-planning, I think you'll find the cost of trains/buses doesn't vary enough to be a significant deciding factor between the two countries. Hi Kathy, yes I was in North Italy trip in 2018, encompassing Milan, Venice, Florence and Cinque Terres. Last year, we followed the Rick Steves Latin Quarter, Montmartre, and Marais walking tours. 3,781 posts. Here is lots of info about France from our host, to get you started on any research you want to do. I like to know more..and my curiosity why Paris is so much more popular than Rome among tourists. The bus trip will usually be fairly short, and the cost will typically be too low to worry about. How would you answer, without getting a LOT more information, and getting into much more detail about where the person is going, what kinds of travel and sightseeing they had in mind, etc. Travel Forum › Home / Shop / ... Rick Steves Pocket Paris works best for people taking a short trip, or perhaps a return trip, to Paris. Those are two areas NOT easily accessed by train. My daughter definitely would choose France. 12 years ago. Tour Account › Travel Forum › Home / Watch, Read, Listen / Video / Paris, France: The Marais District; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Share. Happy planning!!! Spreading the love around to other countries/cities is good thing! Tour Account › Travel Forum › Home / Travel Forum / France; Please sign in to post. If, on the other hand, you research France, figure out where you want to go, accept that it will be very different from Italy, can accept the prices you turn up in your research, and get excited about going to France for its own sake then go for it and have a great time. Please do not reply to violations of our Community Guidelines. For travelers who want to delve deep into Paris, the full-size Rick Steves Paris guidebook is a better option. I wouldn't plan a trip based only on airfare, though a really good fare might affect my route. You are much more familiar with how Italy "works" whereas France is a Great Unknown to you. As you've been to Italy, I am sure some parts may make you smile. Answer 1 of 13: My wife and I find Rick Steves books very helpful. In your opinion, which of the three is the most useful? So, Paris is the better town but , all Italy is better than all France (for me) . - you'll just have a miserable time. My Account. Who would've figure that.. Ha.. It's a much larger country (almost twice as large), and visitors tend to head in different directions when they leave Paris. Sip decaf with deconstructionists at a sidewalk café, then step into an Impressionist painting in a tree-lined park. The way pandemic is going, Spring may be a miracle at this point. :O) Don't limit yourself just because you have get a great deal into one airport. Home / Blog; Destination: Paris . I have no idea about France. I haven't been there, but planning a trip. You can easily check rail fares on the SNCF website once you develop an idea of where you'd like to go. You would have one major expense locked down. Thank you to Mona for suggesting taking Both Paris and Italy trip together. constant series of disappointments and annoyances. Berlin, on the other hand, you are correct, was very damaged. In 1124 this fortress became the main residence of Henry II, the King of England, and his wife Aliénor (Eleanor) d'Aquitaine until 1189 when the king died. As far as cost on the ground, it was slightly less expensive to eat in Italian cities vs Paris, transportation was slightly less in Italy and museums/historic sites were about the same. Yes... going to Naples and Matera is on our itinerary as well. As in Italy, trains go to a lot of the places you'd probably consider visiting. I have spent extensive time in both countries, and in various parts of both countries. ©2021 Rick Steves' Europe, Inc. | Posted by Joan. Sauces or pasta? Like our other Pocket guides, Pocket Paris is smaller than the complete guidebook and in full color (but still offers our best sightseeing advice and a handful of self-guided city walks and museum tours, plus a foldout map). Comparing fares for dates this week vs. mid-December (before the holiday period) will give you an idea of how much you can save by buying tickets way ahead of time, if you're comfortable doing that. Best trip of our lives and can’t wait to try the southern end. We stayed in Blois. Now ducking my head. New to the forum? When I’m in Paris, in addition to those audio tours, my indispensable tool is the Rick Steves Paris guidebook. RnR suggested “piano, piano” but we are so starved for traveling, that may be almost impossible. Or Is it easier to page thru and go back and forth a... Paris. I was just 19, visiting Romania for the first time. It offers more substantial (and more frequently updated) advice on every front: practicalities, sightseeing, self-guided tours, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, shopping, kids' activities, and the city's history and culture, plus complete chapters on the best day trips. If your roundtrip flight to Paris was a good deal, my suggestion is to book that part of the trip only for now. It appears, it is cheaper if I go to Paris for 4 nights, then take 2 hour flight to Italy (2 weeks of Rome, Naples, AMalfi, Matera etc) and then fly to Lisbon for 3 nights and then return home... That whole itinerary is cheaper than one RT to Rome. However, France has plenty of great places to visit. Returning to the US I flew from Rome into Paris then home. But if you are drawn to both, then yeah, I'd go with the one with the better airfare. https://www.wantedinrome.com/news/rome-in-top-spot-as-italys-art-city-tourism-booms.html In France i liked mt. Save. Thank you for your comment and those pictures. In fact, you could probably do the walks blindfolded at midnight, following the grooves in the road they have worn away. If you to to France wanting it will be like Italy, your trip will be a Gene, I sure do get that you have loved Italy and kind of have the basic infrastructure under control. One might deduce that The Boot has more individual destinations of interest to tourists - so they're more spread out - than France but again, that's just a guess. I've been to Italy 14 times and France 10 times and I love them BOTH (but if I had to choose one Italy would win but just barely). thank you for your contributions to this thread. Cruise the Seine, zip to the top of the Eiffel Tower, and saunter down Avenue des Champs-Elysées. If you choose to visit France, and haven't been to Paris, you could spend several days in that fair city. Report inappropriate content . I'm curious too - I've often wondered why "Rick Steve" gets mentioned so often on the Paris forum. You could train to Tours and rent a car and explore the gorgeous Loire Valley. Don't worry about the crowds in Paris. Good to know! We looked around in the garbage nearby, etc. So, if you really want to be in Italy, don't go to France just because of a low airfare - you'll just have a miserable time. Some research, which we all have lots of time for in these Covid days, will open a whole new wonderful world of travel experiences. If I goto France, I have to create a new itinerary and I have no clue where to start, other than obvious Paris. Travel Forum › Home / Watch, Read, Listen ... On my most recent visit to Paris, I kept running into a delightful woman from Indiana on her first visit there. Even so, a higher-priced air ticket will be well worth the $$ if it's the trip you know you'll joyfully anticipate, and just as joyfully experience? If we only have Fall for travel, we may extend our trip to 3 weeks and visit Both Paris and then take 2 hour flight to Rome to continue our trip to southern Italy including Amalfi and Puglia. Perhaps under current circumstances you could nail down a reservation (a refundable one, of course) that would mitigate the usual September effect. This is true of both countries. 419 posts. EDIT: Also, if you want to know things about France, it would help to post in the "France" forum rather than this one. Regarding Italy, you didn't mention Florence and Venice, perhaps you have been there. I have been searching Amazon for travel guides and maps, and all three of the above get good reviews. Thank you for all your wonderful suggestions. I haven't noticed lunch specials in Italy; if I'm mistaken about that, I'm sure someone will correct me. Each can be great or bad, depending on your personal preferences and the places you select.

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